Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Blogging just to Fill Up My Time
Melson's Blog

I never knew that looking for something to do can be so frustrating.

It's like... I need to keep myself occupied, but at the same time, it has to be something that I like to do or at least it has to be interesting and also, something that doesn't need too much effort cuz I'm lazy.

Therefore, I decided to blog. Mainly becuz it doesn't take up too much energy to type nonsense with the keyboard.

Melson has a blog! Finally!

You can link to him from my links on the right. His nick is anoMELy.

But there's nothing there yet.

... cheyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy...

Plus, it has been 3 days already and he hasn't even written anything. Well, actually he did. But he ACCIDENTALLY deleted it.

... whether or not he REALLY deleted it accidentaly is another question...



Just yesterday, we were chatting on the phone and he mentioned that he hardly sees me on MSN anymore. So I told him that I have outgrown MSN and Friendster and things like that. He then said sheepishly, "I'm a slow developer. It's like everyone is bored of MSN then I start to get hook on it. Now everyone blog until they sian already, then only I just start blogging."

hahahahahhaha... it's ok. Better late than never.




It's like visiting a theme park with no rides.

Like going to a pub with no drinks.

Like going to a restaurant with no cooks.

And like having sex with no dick.
... can actually hear ND saying, "then that is called lesbianism".
... watever, wise ass...

Can't wait for Thursday.

Cuz I'm going out.

Can't wait for Friday.

Cuz I'm going out.

Can't wait for Saturday and Sunday. Cuz I'm still going to go out.

At least I have something to do. Time will pass faster.

But then again, I'm going to be super drained out in the beginning of next week.


And I can't wait to get my bonus.

... hehehehehe... secret evil plan...

Suddenly have this craving for the salmon at Sushi Tei.

Maybe I'll go there when I get my next Brazilian Wax.

...wooooo... nice...

Yeah watever, chee ko peh.


I'm going to watch Oceans 13 on Friday.

Still have to treat Melson. He demanded for a treat.

"Sure. Kopitiam. Chicken Rice. And I throw in Kopi-O. Dun say dun have."

"Cheyyy. So cheap skate. K lah K lah."

Kidding lah. Anything you want to eat, ok? Treat you eat good food lah, ok. Since you've been so nice to me all these while.


Ka na sai. Say good food only, you smile until so happy. I knew it. You 'gian peng' (greedy). Hahahhaha... KIDDING. I'm willing one lah. You should know I repay kindness with even MORE kindness. You 'heng' (lucky) ah you. Got such a nice friend like me.

... 'zi dao zi yan' (ownself direct ownself act)...

Maybe after we go out on Friday, Melson will have SOMETHING to blog about.