Wednesday, June 27, 2007

What If

Caution: Do not read on if you are afraid of the dark / being alone / easily terrified.

At times, the lift at my block acts a bit weird.

Sometimes, you get in the lift and you press the number of the floor you want to get to and you hit the 'Close Door' button. But sometimes, just when the lift door is about to shut completely, it bounces back open. Then you have to press the 'Close Door' button again. And sometimes, it repeats a few more times before it finally closes completely and goes to the floor that you stay on.

LOGICALLY, it would mean that the lift is slightly malfunctioned.

But this morning, when I was on my way to work, it happened again.

I pressed '1'. Then the 'Close Door' button. And the doors started to close, but halfway, it just bounced back open. So I had to hit the 'Close Door' button again.

This is not the first time it has happened. And usually, I'm not afraid. But this morning, I was sleepy and grumpy and I was thinking to myself, "stupid lah... why this lift always spoil one".

And suddenly...

*bing!!!... ... lightbulb flashes above my head*

... what if... ...

... ... the reason the lift door bounces back open is becuz... ... SOMEONE also stepped in?

*hears the theme song to Twilight Zone*

... what if... ... SOMEONE wanted to take the lift too? And becuz you couldn't see ANYONE, you closed the lift door, but SOMEONE squeezed in between the lift doors just as it was about to close?????


Why must I terrify myself like this??????

Now, I'm afraid to take the lift.

And I know that after my sister reads this post, she will need some reassurance as well.