Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Blog of Random Thoughts

I can't wait to go on some short trip.

Preferably with a beach and hot scorching sun.

SPA!!! =D


1 more hour to get home.

I hate work.

My back hurts so bad I just want to lie down all day.

It feels like a stretch is at the edge, but I just can't get there.

Why am I so damn tired all the time.

Maybe I need to go work out and exercise those lungs.

But then my back hurts. And I might worsen it.

I seriously need a massage.

A relaxing one.

Not the painful kind where the therapist use her brute force on your back and leave you feeling violently abused the next day.

Can't 2 weeks past by faster?!

So Sad. :-(

Having such bad PMS.

Feels like the whole world is against me.

My tummy hurts.

I think I'm suffering from extreme blood loss cuz I'm feeling a little woozy whenever I twirl myself around in little half circles.

I need to bring Twinkle to a vet.

He's shedding so much fur.

Something is wrong. :-(

Plus there's this patch of fur on his back that has turned darker.


Twinkle cannot die. He's too cute.

Maybe if I fill my 2 weeks with lots of activities, the days will pass faster.

*hugs myself in self-pity*


1/2 hour more to go!

I wonder if Melson will stop 'disappearing for a while' on Friday.