Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Things that go 'creak' in the Night

Caution: I'm on a roll. Once I get started on eerie stuff, I can't stop.

I just finished that last blog post - What If.

But I thought to myself, "why stop there". Cuz now I have so many other eerie imaginations that I freak myself out with.

Now, I'm going to happily blog about the Top 10 eerie stuff (not in any order) that freaks me out.

Number 1
Late at night, while you're sleeping, you get woken up by a female voice under your bed. She is whispering, "Help me... help me".

p.s - this really happened to me and it literally scared the SHIT out of me... *teary eyes*

Number 2
You take the lift and you know that you're the only one inside, but suddenly... ... you hear a pitiful voice going, "excuse me... excuse me... excuse me...". Then you ignore the voice cuz you're about to piss your pants, but the voice started to sound louder and angrier, "... excuse me... Excuse Me... EXCUSE ME! I AM TALKING TO YOU!!!".


Anyway, I've asked a number of my friends what they would do if this was to happen to them.

Gwen said - "Pretend cannot hear but I will keep praying in my heart."

Grace said - "I will start to cry and hope that the lift will reach my floor faster!"

John said - "Pretend cannot hear and light a cigarette. When it sounds angry, then ask what she want and tell her not to disturb."

Melson said - "When hear angry voice, then ask, "what?". And see what the ghost say. But if see the ghost, then I will beat it."

Gina said - ... ... ... *tears already start to form around the eyes while she's imagining it*...

Number 3
While you're taking a shower and you look at your own reflection, there's SOMETHING else. And worse... it's NAKED WITH YOU!!!


Number 4
You sleep over at a friend's place. And then you see a granny with a long face, with extremely dry wrinkled skin, white frizzy shoulder-length hair, no eyes, wearing a purple flowery-patterned outfit... and she facing you... then she lifts one hand up to try and touch you.

Then you wake up. And the next morning, you tell your friend about it and you describe the granny's appearance and he said that it's his grandmother. And the purple flowery-patterned outfit was what she was wearing when they buried her.

p.s - this happened to me too!!!

Number 5
You're sleeping at night and a half-bodied creature with intestines is crawling towards you.

Number 6

Hotel rooms are scary. And I don't need to say more.

Number 7
You go out and party one night and you meet a sexy gorgeous guy / girl. Being the horny person that you are, you spend the night with him / her. And he / she turns out to be a pontianak.

Ok... fine. The way I described it is not that scary.

But what if he / she has a disease??? Isn't that scary?

Number 8
Working alone in the office.

And when you look underneath your desk, a white kid is crouching under the table (aka the pale-looking kid in Ju-On).

... ok... I'm starting to lose my attention in talking about eerie stuff + I'm getting tired...

Number 9
You're driving and when you look at the rear-view mirror, you see SOMEONE sitting in the back seat. But you know you're supposed to be alone.

Note the increasing diminishing words. Forgive me. I'm really tired of thinking. Aiyaaaaa... just read it... and use your own imagination lah.

Number 10
... ...

... ... ... heck with Number 10 lah.

Dunno why but I suddenly lost interest in blogging about this topic.

Maybe cuz I'm really distracted by... the smell that's emitting from my feet.


You know how they say that you won't know that you are smelly becuz you cant really detect bad smells from yourself? But I'm pretty sure that when you can smell yourself, it means that you are REALLY smelly.

I need to buy new sandals.

It's like... my current ones have been soaked in too much rain water + never been able to dry properly = Super Duper Stinko.

Anywayz, I'm just going to end my blog abruptly now.