Monday, June 25, 2007

Lose a Friend

I was just reminiscing about the past.

How fun it was in secondary school. The group of us going out to play and make fun of each other. Of course, there were some who were closer to each other than the rest.

Back in the 1990s, it was John, Yueyun & Me.

The 3 of us had so much fun together that we didn't even have time to study.

The 3 of us spent so much time studying together, but of course there was also time for play... ... LOTS and LOTS of time for play.



The 3 of us didn't do so well in our O levels. I guess we studied the wrong things during our study sessions.



John went to ITE to study automobile repairs or something. Yueyun and me went to bum around for a year then she went to ITE to study a 1-yr course, while I joined the same ITE to study a 2-yr course.

After John graduated from ITE, he worked as a mechanic at BMW. And with a lot of luck & his creativity & dedication to his job, he got recognised by the director of BMW. And the director actually gave him a small role in designing BMW cars. Which now, John is earning like 100K a year.



But wouldn't it be so cool if that really happened?

The real story is that John helped out his dad's parquet business. After about 7 or 8 years, he now owns his own company. And has like a group of Bangladesh workers who has cute names like Mushroom & Ah-Shiok.


As for Yueyun, she got married soon after her ITE graduation. Then she & her Navy husband went to Sweden for like... 4 years.

However, the sad thing is that the 3 of us are no more best of friends. Yueyun is no longer in contact with us. Me & John are still in contact, but of course we don't go out that often anymore.

John got married. He & Wenn (you can view her blog under one of my links) are living with 5 cats. Yes. FIVE cats. They go for holidays quite often. The next one will be to Egypt.

EGYPT, OKAY?!?!?!?!??!



... and yes... ... ... somehow... somewhere... something happened among the 3 of us and our friendship just broke up and never got back together. Which is really sad. Cuz if you think about all that we have been through in our younger years, you would have thought that the 3 of us would be friends for ever and ever and ever.

During my ITE years, John started seeing Wenn (who was his gf at that time). Then the frustrations from Yueyun started to show. Perhaps Yueyun felt like he was no longer a part of us. Or maybe she was jealous that John had a gf and no longer have time to go out with his friends.

At that time, I tried to get Yueyun to understand that we should let John build a fulfilling relationship with his gf. It's logical to spend more time in a relationship especially when it's still new. And I'm sure that once John has time, he will come out and meet up with us. But I guess she couldn't get used to the idea that John was attached.

Soon, she had her own relationship. And then she disappeared from my life too. I hardly hear from her. Hardly see her around. And the next thing I know, she told me that she's getting married and going to Sweden.


We shouldn't lose friends over small matters.

If only there was more tolerance & more understanding, things will be better.

If Yueyun could have given a little more understanding to John's new relationship, we'll still be friends.

If John had given a little tolerance to Yueyun's behaviour, we might still be friends.

If I had been more powerful & persistent mediator, everything would still be intact.

I miss my childhood.