Monday, June 04, 2007

Pirates of the Carribean 3

Lame Lame Lame.

I was so bored throughout the movie.

The plot is so stupid. Not much action. Hardly any funny scenes.

In fact, the only scenes which I (slightly) snickered at were the ones with Jack. And I'm not talking about Jack Sparrow, but rather Jack the little monkey. Even the damn MONKEY is funnier than the pirates.

Something's really wrong with the entire movie. I feel so wrong after watching it.

Melson was like giving candid comments throughout the movie, but my face was like...

(-_-) <--- dead pan face

Then when he realized that I wasn't responding, he turned and looked at me. Then he laughed and said, "you really don't care anymore".

YES GODDAMMIT. I totally do not care about pirates going ARR ARR ARR anymore. I just wished the movie would end faster the whole entire 3 hours. I'd rather be watching some sappy bimbo movie.

Also, Melson said that the whole movie was so boring but ppl are still watching it becuz the effects and the scene set-ups are so WOW. And he said it like 3 times.

So wat if the effects are great and the ships are large and the pirates have black dirty teeth?! Where's the entertainment????????????????????????????????? I freakin paid almost $10 just to get bored sitting in that economy seat????????????????????????????? I HATE IT!!!!!!! Thank god I didn't pay $25 bucks for a Gold Class seat for this stupid Pirates movies. Or else I think I'll enjoy the damn popcorn more than the unsuccessful mumbo jumbo pirate'y hype.

I give this movie 5/5 ROTTEN POPCORNS!!!