Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Wat a Guy!!!

This ex-polytechnic friend of mine...

He is really... ... omg lor.

Well, I'm speechless.

Anyway, I saw him on MSN. And we chatted. He happened to find out that I have a blog. So he visited it.

And when he saw THIS blog post.

He asked me to make him Superman (... well hello?! Not many ppl can BE Superman.. but if he insists, I will still satisfy a good friend's fantasy).

Then he started to mass-MMS me with his pictures... ... not that I'm complaining cuz he's cute. But Melson says he's not and Mel said that I'm (insert your own choice of degrading word here). Well, wat can I say? *cough*sourpuss*cough*

Anyway, in each MMS, this guy friend puts the subject as the following:

"andy lau"
"andy again"
"andy sleeping"
"omg andy lau"

WAT A GUY!!!!!

But oh well, I agreed to work on Photoshop with him & Superman.

Then he read some more previous posts... and he saw THIS one too.

And he says,
"I send you one more MMS... I want the Johnny one... the sexy one... on the boat."

(@_@) !!!!!

OK! ALRIGHT! I'll do it!

But no way in hell is he going to be as buff as Superman... nor as sexy as Johnny Depp.

Well... stay tuned for his photoshop'ed pictures in my later entries!

*puts on my Creative Thinking Glasses*