Saturday, August 12, 2006

Bits & Pieces of Random'ness

First... I want to kao bey about my haloscan... or my internet... or something! I can't seem to leave a comment in my own blog and my friends' blogs!!!

Evan - If you read this, I was wondering if you got my comment on your National Day blog post (a rather long one)... cuz I left a comment, but until now, I don't see it on your haloscan... or maybe... YOU REJECTED IT!!! SOB!!!

Cat (meow mee) - If you see this, I actually replied to your comment (abt Alvin licking Fiona Xie's boobs) on my blog... but somehow, it just doesn't show.

... ... sigh ... ...

Is it me... or do I feel a higher power going against me???

And now, as I'm blogging this post... I realized that my Blogger toolbar is farked up too!!! It only shows 'Bold' and 'Italic' and the 'Insert Picture' icon.


Like the 'Font Size' and other stuff???

Second set of random'ness... ...

I got the whole family to pose for a group picture.


My new Sony Ericsson K800i has a self-timer mode.

How cool is that???

There is even a ticking sound to let you know how much time you have before it takes the picture!!!






*tick tick tick tick tick*


Alvin looks smug (as usual).

Daddy Lau looks like Al Pacino.

Mummy Lau looks like she's having fun.

Gina looks like she's pretending to have fun.

And I look like I'm on drugs.

Anywayz, here is a picture of Alvin when he was walking out of the toilet. Looks like he's scratching his head and balls... ... ... hmmmm... ... and do I see a little sense of satisfaction on his face... or is it just me?

Third piece of random'ness... ... well, the Lau (Addams) Family went out to Toa Payoh for lunch and also, to sell off our extra hp's.

I got $150 for my Samsung D500...
And my brother got $140 for his Nokia 6250...

Today must have been Flag Day. There were LOTS of pesky students roaming around the MRTs and Bus Interchanges.... terrorized the country's citizens for donations.

Mummy Lau decided to ward them off by donating to one of them and then taking one of those stickers. She stuck it on Daddy Lau's shirt. But for some reasons, they STILL kept asking us for donations.


Then Alvin suddenly said,

"you can stick it on my T-shirt"

We turned and looked at him...

He looks like he's desperately seeking for attention.

Damn... even with that desperate look on his face, he still managed to look handsome. Thus, me & Gina were so freakin jealous of our own brother.

And we looked closer at his Tee.

Now THAT... is a provocative T-shirt.


*gives head*


AWwwwwwwwww... how CUTE!!!


I love my siblings.

Other pictures from today's Lau Family outing:

Alvin & Gina analyzing Gina's (new) Sony Ericsson W810i.

Both of them are little cuties, aren't they?

Alvin weeps, while Gina gloats... ... cuz she's got the new HP.... and Alvin took over her hand-me-down Panasonic VS6.

No, that's not a love bite on my neck. It's my birth mark.

Believe it or not... ... Alvin got the EXACT same one on the RIGHT side of his neck.


Do you think I look androgynous? Honestly?

Cuz there was once when I was sitting at a coffeeshop... and these 2 guys walked past me. One of them turned and looked at me, then he turned to his friend and said something. So, the friend turned and looked at me, then I heard him say,

"yeah.. she looks very androgynous"

(O_O) <--- starts getting insecure...

Why does Alvin & Gina get to look cute... while I look half-man half-woman?!?!?!



Here is a pic of me and Alvin in Bishan MRT...

Damn it lah!

He can look cute even when he looks blur...


*beats my brother up*

Last group pics of random'ness:

Went out to meet my ex-colleagues for dinner on Thursday.

I MISS THEM!!!! They're such a FUN FUN FUN bunch!!!

Elroy and Temmie!!! The sales team!!!

Elroy is the vegetarian who can eat 8 slices of bread at one shot!!! And he can eat a large pizza on his own!!! This guy can REALLY eat, siaaaa...

Temmie and her famous cleavage... AHHAHAHAHAHHAHA!!! She's a cool and funny person... so fun to be with.

Me & Gwen (the Shy & Decent Accountant, but not so shy & decent after she met me & Grace)...

I love my jade ring!!!

And Gwen is forever sweet... :-p !!!

There were 2 other ex-colleagues too... Grace & Anna. But some ppl are just so camera shy... ... hahahhahahaha... so I didn't manage to take a proper shot of them... ... it's either they turn their head away... or they cover their faces with their hair.


Alright... I gotta go out for some Saturday fun now.