Sunday, August 20, 2006

Wat a Guy again!!!

Remember this post about my ex-poly schoolmate?

We went out last weekend.

When we were in a cab on our way home, he started talking about people with big noses and big mouths (literally). He said,

"you realize that people who has big noses and big mouths are all very rich? You don't believe me... you think about the Hollywood actors & actresses... all those who can make it big, have big mouths."

And I was silent for a moment while I tried to think of an actress who DOES NOT have a big mouth.

... ... *thinks*... ...

... shit... how come I can only think of Angelina Jolie and Julia Roberts???

Just as I was still pondering about it, he said,

"you see my mouth also very big"

I laughed, knowing that he's trying to be thick-skinned again & implying that he will make it big in life too... ...

Me: HAHAHAHHAHAHAAHAA!!! Your mouth big meh???

Friend: Ya.

Me: *scrutinizes his mouth for a moment*... not big wat...

Friend replies in dead serious tone & gestures to his mouth: ... my mouth is inside big... outside small...

HAHAHAHHAA... ... like that also can?!?!

He's a damn funny guy... our lives will be so boring if we do not have friends like him.

I think I'm blessed cuz I'm surrounded by funny people... like my brother, my sister... Melson... John... Grace... Gwen... and many others. My life is never boring... but that also means that I hardly get a chance to grow up maturely... hahaha... I like it.

Anyway, I finally did his Superman pic.

And I have to say... that I've done a pretty good job. In fact, he looks damn funny lah! hahahahaha... too bad the picture quality wasn't that clear, but other than that... it's cute.

Below are the original pictures that he MMS'ed to me:-

This first pic was taken at a slightly wrong angle...

So I told him to take the picture with more side view... and also to look down instead of staring ahead...

And then he sent this...

Ahhh... much better to work on!

And now... here is the Superman pic...

Are you ready???

Are you REALLY ready?????


Leon Similan & Kate Bosworth
Starring in
Superman Returns for a Haircut

Ok ok... I confess.

I cheated a bit on the hair and gave him a sideburn.

By the way... is it me or does it look like he's staring at her boobs???