Saturday, August 26, 2006

Say AYE to Genital Mutilation

Those in favor of Genital Mutilation, please say 'Aye'.

But dun worry.

We're not talking about slicing the dick into half and make it look like a two-headed snake.

Nor are we implying that we want to stretch the pussy and make it look like a gigantic mouth with seaweeds.

The topic here today is... ...


And for this, I support the notion.

BUT... only for the males.

Yup. I strongly believe that circumcision is only meant for the boys.

Cut away their foreskin. It'll be more hygenic for them.

The reason being that... the foreskin 'traps' a lot of urine residue and sweat... and whatever that can be trapped beneath the skin... ...

... ... which in turn, will cause bacteria build-up.

And if a guy is a dirty little fella who doesn't wash before having sex, then he will... ... err... .... 'pump' these bacteria into the girl's vaginal... which will go up into her urinary tract and give her an infection... like a bladder infection that will causes pain when she pee & in some serious cases, she will pee blood.


Also, for the guy... if bacteria build-up is constant, then he will also give himself an infection in his wee wee.


Therefore, I encourage newborn sons to go for a circumcision.... which I intend to do for my future son (if I ever have one).

As it seems, even GIRLS are being circumcised.

gosh... cut where sia...

I also don't know. But I do think it is NOT right for girls to be circumcised! I mean... it has nothing to do with health.... it's not as if UNcircumcised girls will cause bacteria build-up like the males. In contrary, it will causes them health problems, and in some cases, even death!!!

Click here for the article to find out why girls should NOT be circumcised.

For those of you who plan on circumcising your girls, DON'T DO IT !!!!

For those of you who have already done it.... then.... .... well... ... ... may the force be with you, your daughter and her nether regions.

Anyway, back at home...

Alvin is a circumcised little boy!!!

hiack hiack hiack hiack...

Usually, circumcision is done at child birth.... but for Alvin... ... nooooooooooooo... it was done when he was about 2 or 3 yrs old.

The story to his circumcision is becuz of the bacteria build-up in the foreskin.

For some reason, his foreskin is so tight that he can't pull it backwards to wash the pee pee residue out. So, over time, the bacteria gave him an infection. Thus, our parents brought him to slice out his foreskin.

... don't say already... ... I can still remember the pain.
By the way, it's not becuz the foreskin is too tight... it's becuz my dick grew too big...

Errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrmmmmmmmmmmmmm.... ... right.

*looks @ Gina*...

Oi ?????

Gina!!! YOU TOO???!?!?!??!!

... no lah... I just woke up... I want to pee...


Oh well... so here's a little bit of info from Gni's blog-a-doo-doo.

... did i just say blog-a-doo-doo?!?! god... i must be really bored at work...