Wednesday, August 09, 2006

My 8 Days Magazine Fetish

Yup... I'm addicted to 8 days.

Maybe cuz I love watching tv... so I bought the mag for the sake of the TV schedule.


There are also other reasons why I love 8 days.




After almost 2 months, my bro is back from his adventures in Philadelphia!!! Read about his mini (and funny) adventure here !!

My brother came home from USA on National Day (not that we're patriots or anything)!!!

We called Alvin and told him to take a cab from Changi Airport to Bishan Junction 8 cuz we can't wait to see him (and have MacDonald's breakfast).

As me and Gina were walking towards Junction 8, we passed by the Community Centre and there were these group of ppl all dressed in our country's national colours (red shirt & white pants).

Then we were like laughing at them... and we were making fun of how SILLY they looked... when all of the sudden... ... ... ... I noticed something...

"Gina!!! Look at us!!!"


For some subconscious reason, WE were in the national colours too!!!!

Sigh... WHY OH WHY!!!!

Alvin !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Gina so cute. Alvin looks manly with his new tan. And gosh... I just look like a geek)

Hate to say this... but we actually miss his sarcastic jokes.

It was fun fun fun having him back!!!

It was like 10am and we were definately looking forward to MacDonald's breakfast!!!



There were SO MANY PPL!!!!

Alvin started to get pissed... cuz he was carrying around some BIG HEAVY luggage (see below)!!!

(and Gina so kind... she's helping him to carry his laptop)

Therefore, he decided to take it out on Ronald MacDonald.

But... ...

WHO'S THAT?!?!?!

Out of the blue... this little boy runs towards Ronald MacDonald (probably trying to see if Ronald still has his nuts).


Lucky for us BISHANians, we have TWO MacDonald's!!! One in Junction 8 and another one just beside the Bishan Bus Interchange!!!

BUT (again)!!!

It was CROWDED with people too!!!


And you know what's worse?!?!

I actually saw this empty table (finally)... and as I was walking towards it, this little boy RUN RUN RUN RUN RUN and plops himself onto that table!!! Then he turns around and SMILES at his fat mother and stupid-looking brother (like he's all galiant and proud to SNATCH up that ONLY empty table).


NOW, I'm MAD!!!

It's bad enough that I just started on my 1st day of period...!!!

I got BAD CRAMPS, ok?!??!

But does ANYBODY care?!?!?!

NOoooooooooOOOOOoooooOOOOOO... nobody gives a shit!!!

Then I have to walk so much!!! And there are so many freakin ppl around... I know it's National Day and stuff... but COME ON, PEOPLE!!! Stop pretending that you love Singapore!!!!

And this friggin kid has to SNATCH the ONLY seat in Mac!!!

And all these stupid teenagers sitting around... hogging all those seats.... and STUDYING?!?! FARK LAH!!!! Don't you have void decks or homes to study in?!?! Don't act as if you're studious, you stupid ugly smart ppl!!!

In the end, the Lau Siblings got no choice but to settle with takeaway.


And so we stood in the (long line) queue.

For some reason, the counter crew took a bloody long time (altho I forgive him a little cuz he looks kinda cute)!!!

Just when it's (yay!!!) my turn, I saw this boy dash right in front of the counter and started ordering (wat the fark)!!!

And wait a minute... ... ...

... ... isn't that... ... ...

Isn't that the stupid-looking brother of that kid who snatch my empty table?!?!

THAT'S IT !!!!!!

*volcano erupts... or more like... ... blood squirts out like nobody's business from down under*

I mean...


Is this the Pick On Bleeding Gni Day?!?!

So I just tapped on the boy's shoulder... and said,

"eh boy... you cut queue ah you"

And the boy turned around and said innocently,

"oh... you were in the queue ah?"

Ok ok... so the innocence part ALMOST got to me cuz I'm a soft-hearted bitch, but no way in Hell am I going to be kind today... especially after what his younger brother did (by snatching my table), so I said affirmatively,


So he quietly gravitates away... looking slightly embarrassed. And I gotta admit that I really ALMOST said sorry to him, but due to Pride and Ego (i really didn't mean to be a bully), I just turned to the cute counter crew and started to order. And strangely, at the corner of my eye, I see Gina and Alvin giggling for some reason.

What the hell is so funny?!?!

Anyway, the cute counter crew was EXTREMELY efficient in serving me (he got my order ready in less than 1 min, compared to the 5 mins which he took with the previous customer).

And he was super polite... maybe cuz he was afraid to pissed off

The Bitch.

... ... but but... ... I'm actually really nice and funny and sweet!!! I swear it!!! It's just my PMS!!! Ohhhhh plsssss... forgive me for being in pain, bleeding and cranky!!!




Back to the 8 Days topic.

After that incident at Mac, we went back home to eat our takeaway.

And then, I showed Alvin my current issue.

Hey Ah Bing!!! Lookie wat I have here!!!

It's Fiona Xie and Adrain Pang on the cover!!!

And boy, is he happy to see Fiona Xie on the 8 Days issue no. 825!!!

So, he licks her tits...

And I think it's the hormones, but I couldn't resist a lick too.

Is she HAWT or is she HAWT?!?!?!?!

Whether it's her tits or armpits... she's the Ultimate Sex Goddess ever created in history.

Ok. Enuff about raging hormones and cranky PMS'es.

Here are some other pictures we took just cuz we miss ALVIN!!!

P.S -
Check out his candid poses & extremely photogenic face. I HATE HIM LARRRR!!! SO HANDSOME FOR WAT?!?!?!?!

*punches him for having so much fun in Philadelphia & without me around*

And Gina showing him the luvvvvvvvvvvvvvv...