Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Q & A Time

Someone asked me these questions in an email.

1) What's your favourite song?
= I NEED A HERO by Frou Frou.

2) Which is your favourite band/singer?
= EMINEM... he's so bad, he's good.

3) What's your favourite movie?
= Gladiator (i can watch it a million times). I love tough rugged heroes.

4) Who's your favourite film-maker?
= James Wan (for the beauty of SAW I, II & III and the upcoming film - Dead Silence... if you haven't watch it, WATCH IT!!! YOU MUST!)

5) What's your favourite book/magazine?
= anything by Richard Laymon

6) What's your favourite quote?
= Life is unfair. Just kill yourself or get over it.

7) Which famous person inspires you?
= Adam Sandler. How did he get so funny??? Another person will be Jolin Chai... she inspires me to get silicon implants.

8) Where in Singapore would you like to stay?
= Central. Cuz............. it's the centre of everything.

9) What three things (not persons) can't you live without?
= HP, moisturizer, money (trust me, nobody can live without money unless they eat grass for food).

But I don't get it.

Why were there only NINE questions???

It's like... either you give 5 questions. Or 10 questions. Or 15. Or 20.

You know what I mean?

9 questions??? Why NINE lor?

It's like having sex... and ALMOST reaching orgasm, but... not yet.

Like watching a movie, but with no ending.

Like paying for something, but short of 10 cents.

I can't stand it.

I don't understand why it must be 9 questions. Add 1 more question will die meh????

This is really bugging me.