Saturday, November 11, 2006


I had so much trouble trying to think of a name for my baby rabbit. But finally, I have decided to give him a really cool name.

Bought him on Halloween Day 2006!!! And from that day, it shall be his unofficial official birthday. He was not even 2 months old when I saved him from that pet shop and into my warm and loving arms.

He's so cute & adorable... and the tiniest thing I had ever since. He actually fits in my palm!

Here are some of his pictures on the first day!!! He's so tiny and adorable and furry!!!

Even my brother with the serious sinus problem loves Mr Lambabo!

Alvin says, "he's cute and in the mafia"

But alas, just after SIX DAYS in my house, Twinkle Lambabo has grown and grown and grown and grown.

My sister told me, "he's getting fat".

So, I looked at him...

And I picked him up...

And I felt his stomach area...


He no longer fits snugly in my palm... cuz his tummy is TOO BIG and thus, can no longer curl into a nice little round ball.

(O_O) !!!!



We have lovingly and unknowingly turned Twinkle Lambabo into Thumper Fattaso!!!

Finally, on the 11th day, I decided to put Twinkle on a strict diet... ... cuz no way in hell am I going to have a seriously obese rabbit (and he's not even 2 months old).

Therefore, before I stepped out of the house at 6.45am in the morning (which is today), I wrote a note for the whole family:

It is indeed cruelty to extremely adorable baby rabbits... ...

... but Twinkle, you know this is for your own good. I'm thinking for your future, just in case you meet a lovely girl and decided to have a family with her. You don't want her to reject you becuz of your obesity... ... ... ... ... besides, it's hard to hump when you got a huge tummy...

But then again, I still do not know if Twinkle is a male or female.

We can't see his pee pee yet.

But Alvin said that the baby rabbit looks shuai (handsome) and not chio (pretty).

I think Twinkle is a male too... cuz he has a roundish face. Female animals usually have a more pointy and sharp look.

Anywayz, here's a video of Twinkle Lambabo grooming himself. And when anyone just shows him some love, he just lies there on the floor to enjoy it. He's SO goddamn cute!!!