Monday, July 30, 2007

Visit to the Temple

I finally watched Transformers on Sunday morning.


Then after that, I went to keep my word on praying to Someone Up There.

But somehow, I dunno if I was sleepy & easily irritable... or some dark evil forces are preventing me from going to the temple. Cuz on the way to the temple... I kept losing my temper.

hey! that rhymes... on the way to the TEMPLE, I keep losing my TEMPER.

Anywayz, I got irritated at small little stuff... and I suddenly felt so drowsy & tired that I just wanted to give up and go home to sleep.

But being conscious of the fact that I am behaving strangely all of the sudden, I tried to keep my cool and press on with the journey.

At the temple, I tried my best to pray as earnestly as I can.

But I am really not joking when I say that I do feel uncomfortable. Perhaps some dark evil forces are REALLY determined to take over my life & therefore, preventing me from feeling at peace while at the temple.

hmmmmm... is that why Someone Up There has given me those 2 dreams??? To alert me that it's time for some divine protection from the invisible dark beings??

However, I still finished my rounds and went back home.

I remember when I was around 15 years old. I fell really sick for a whole week. I couldn't eat and couldn't drink. Imagine sipping a teaspoon of water & puking out gallons.

At the end of the week, my parents brought me to the hospital & I was admitted for another whole week. The doctor said I had water in the left lung.... ewwwwwwwww...

During my stay at the hospital, I had this dream that I was walking back home. And it was the Hungry Ghost Festival period. Then as I was walking, this burnt paper (which the Chinese use to burn for the dead) suddenly flew right under my feet and I stepped on it.

I told my mummy about this dream when she came to visit me at the hospital the next day. And she said that Someone Up There was trying to tell me how I managed to get so sick. I was so unwell for 2 WHOLE WEEKS.

Since that time, mummy disallowed me to travel or stay out late at night during the Hungry Ghost Festival. And she told me not to go to anyone's funeral becuz I always either:

(a) fall sick, or
(b) get myself into some bad situation, or
(c) dream about the dead, or
(d) sense something of the spiritual kind.

Even though I had encounters of the spooky kind, but until now, I still don't see myself as a superstitous person. Of course there are certain things which I avoid... ... like:

(a) keeping dolls (cuz I have been seriously traumatised by Chucky)
(b) stepping on joss sticks & paper (just cuz it's a form of respect for the dead)
(c) eating offerings for the dead (who in the right mind would do that)
(d) peeing on bushes / trees
(e) touching anything that looks like it belongs to the dead
(f) ... ... can't think of any more at this time

Well... I guess I will have to make a more conscious effort in regaining my faith in Someone.

Thinking back, I never know when I had started to lose it.

Perhaps it was during the time when I hit the bottom of the pit... and I told myself that ONLY I can change & control my own life... ... which is still true, but maybe it is time to have a little faith in others as well.