Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Eerie Eerie Dream

Since nothing much has been going on with my life (except for intensive amount of work & fatigue), I have decided to blog about the dreams.

Last night, I dreamt that I was with this Indonesian guy. Can't really remember what he looks like, but I think he's quite cute. And he likes me. Nice... .. cuz in the dream, I liked him too.

For some strange reason, we were in a hotel. And dun think dirty, cuz we're only there to look for rooms.... ... for HIM to stay cuz he's a foreigner. *tsk tsk*... filthy minds...

But the staff at the check-in counter told us that we'll have to wait cuz it's fully booked. So, me & this Indon guy went to walk around.

Just outside the hotel, there were these shophouses.

And outside one of these shophouses, there was a little boy. Standing in the middle of the pavement.

Then I carried this stranger boy cuz he's so cute.

And so, the 3 of us were walking to a coffeeshop to eat (dun ask me why, I also cannot explain why this part happened).

*here comes the eerie part*

Ok ok... so I was carrying this boy. And suddenly he was looking behind me... ... ... ... and he pointed to something behind me... ... ... ... and he said,

"... got ghost..."

Although it's only a dream, but I could feel the hairs on my back & neck standing. Plus, it was really cold.

And I almost threw the boy down onto the ground like a little rag doll & scream hysterically while running away flapping my twiggy arms crazily in the air.


I didn't.

After hearing what he said, I calmed myself down and I asked him to repeat what he just said.

The little boy replied,

"... got ghost behind... following us..."

eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee... scary lehhhhhh...

Then this image came to my mind... ... a pale-looking woman with long hair & white flowy dress (yeah, i know... stereotype female ghost)... and she was carrying a baby in her arms.

And she was floating... ... floating... ... floating behind us. Following closely.


A few insignificant other things happened in the dream, but as the dream goes on... ... somehow, I found out that the female ghost & her baby was actually following that Indon guy. Cuz he mistreated them and somehow they died. But their spirits were unable to rest, so she followed him everywhere.

Then some other stuff happened in the dream, and soon, I was jolted awake from the dream when it got too eerie. Like the part when she turned and looked at me. And she didn't have eyes.

eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee... vewy vewy scareddddddd...

=*( !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I need a comfort hug now.