Friday, December 21, 2007


I just watched Asian Idol yesterday.

Of course it's the re-run.

I don't have the luxury of watching tv that often.


Hardy Mirza is so bad at singing and he... actually... WON?!?!?! *gasp*

Vocal not powerful enough lehhhhh...

But he does have a certain X-factor... some kind of shy, charming, boyish smile.

But still... omg... how can he win?!?!

There are other singers who were better (sorry, the truth hurts deep deep, i know).

I have to admit that the guy from India looks like some kind of Bollywood star with his shiny silver jacket and cockadoo hairdo. Watching him, makes me feel like planting a coconut tree at my void deck. Dance around in pure delight... shake my boobies left right... and make jerking motions with my head. Friggin entertaining.

Also, there's this other girl from either Malaysia or Indonesia. This big eyes-big mouth girl. Damn her voice is booming. She practically placed the mike on her forehead and still her voice can be heard 10,000 miles away. She's good.

And that viet girl doesn't really have such a hot voice, but she looks so cute when she's singing I LOVE ROCK N ROLL and that made me forget all about her not-so-hot vocals.

Hardy Hardy Hardy... ... quite a lame performance. Maybe he's super nervous or something.

But still he won.

Which is good.

Cuz he's Singaporean.

And I'm Singaporean.

So, still I congratulate him. But dear Hardy, please dance like Bollywood star, project your voice while mike is on forehead and look super cute while performing.

Then us Singaporeans will be damn proud of you.