Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Department Annual Gathering 2007

Our very 1st gathering for HR & Admin Dept.
Yes, pathetically, our dept only has 4 ppl. And for this gathering, as my manager is on leave, it's only us 3 girls to finish up all the food. FOOOOOOOD! GLORIOUS FOOD!

We ordered Pizza Hut!!!

Although I was semi-ill from flu, but I was still determined to eat unhealthily today. Worked so hard for the whole of 2007, of course must enjoy now, correct or not?!?!?!? ENJOY FULLY THE COMPANY BENEFITS!!!
In other words... ... ...

Being girls and being VAIN, we took a few pictures before feeding our glutton faces.

(from left: me, Anita & ros)
(p.s: I know I look damn tut with that hairdo... plus looks like I nvr comb hair. Maybe cuz I had to activate the self-timer on the digicam & then RUNNNNNN to my picture spot & smile without panting for the photo shot.)

(Everybody saying, "YUM!!!!")

And so we feast and within an hour, the Department Annual Gathering of 2007 was over.