Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Christmas Eve 2006

Finally I got around doing this. So please don't bug me anymore.

But... don't you love pictures?!

It really does captures the memories and lets you relive the moment.

Here's my favourite one!!! Just cuz the whole pic is too cool-looking!

Mel da Pimp Daddy
(and no, I refuse to say I'm his Biatch)

Inside Momo at about 10pm, we started with drinks and lots of cam-whoring.

I think Mel already started to get drunk. Look at his red skin.
Jasslyn (my super party buddy) is having a great time with Andy (the terribly good drinking buddy) and my super cute brother (yes, my real blood brother).

My best pal - John - hates the party scene. A LOT. Therefore, I am so happy when he decided to come join us with his wife!!!

Jiaming, my secondary school friend, also had such a great time. I haven't seen him in so long. So glad that he actually took the time to come down. But of course, it is I who is da damn organizer... ... WHO DARES TO NOT SHOW UP?!?!?!

Melson looks so freaky here. I've always told him that he's got bright eyes... and that they reflect light. But this is too much, man...

Uncle Dean is my present colleague. He's so funny and fun to hang out with. Actually he's not that old. I think he's like... early 30s. But I just like calling him Uncle Dean. It sounds good.

JOHN & WENN (the wife)!!! Wenn looks so sweet!!! Mel said she looks like a Jap girl... I think so too!!! I hardly get to hang out with this girl, but it was really nice to go partying together... she's funny and nice!!!

Wenn was about to snap the picture and I jumped in. MWAHAHAHA!!

The Ultimate Hard Worker + the Shrewd Business Mind = Big Bucks + Sky High Reputation

We're so cool, we're hot. I look like I got a terrible tan around the cheeks. Thus, the WHITE panda eyes... hahahaha..

I HATE THIS PICTURE!!!! And stupid Mel even put this up in his Friendster profile. I HATE YOU MEL! So now, I have no choice but to put it up too... cuz it's like... funny yet embarrassing. But you know me, a pic is a pic... if every pic looks good, then it'll start getting boring, no?

I was so NOT ready to take a pic cuz I was talking on the phone. Now, I'm wondering what I was talking about that caused this expression.

Me giving Andy the Finger Lips (but that's a private joke, so I'm not going to blog about it here... mwhahahaha)...

I've known Andy for about 8 years already. We first met in Wong San at Mohd Sultan. This guy can really drink, man. And he's always HOT. And I really mean HOT, this guy's body temperature is on a constant high. He's like.... The Heat Man. Everything or anyone he touches will feel the 'fever hot' heat from his hands. Good if you're cold.

Here are the other pics:

Yeah.... about Jasslyn.... dun ask. I dunno. She's always doing something pornographic. hhahahhahahahahha!!! That's why I love her. Partying will never be the same without her.

Us & Zaoxiang. Too bad we didn't take a pic of his smokin hot gf! Damn that girl makes me wanna turn lesbian....

*sniff sniff*... damn you smell so good, Joyce. Btw, she looks like she's not wearing anything... hahahahhaa...

I love this pic. Mel looks so sweet. And also, he's actually SITTING on a chair & I'm standing... but still I need to tiptoe to take this shot. Damn these tall giants.

The Grudge starring Uncle Dean, Gni (just realized I'm holding a cigarette in almost every pic), Alvin & Mel.

p.s - Mummy, if you see this... ... the cigarette is not mine. I'm holding it for someone. *ahem*...

And this is a pic from Live Impact. A pub with live band and it's just opposite Momo.

Andy had a bunch of his sailor mates there, so Jass & I dropped by to check the place out. I think that other guy on the extreme left is called Freddie. Weird funny guy. hahahha...

And.... that's all folks!!!