Monday, September 12, 2005


I have to be honest with you... in order to create the username for my blog, I had to flip thru the dictionary. Had to search for something that describes what I was feeling... and *wham bam thank you ma'am*... I found the perfect word - Palliative.

"Giving temporary or partial relief"

The word immediately hit a nerve... cuz the reason why I'm blogging is cuz I have too much free time... and I get seriously bored & restless. So I need to find something where I can fill up the empty gap... a temporary or partial relief.

I guess that everyone needs a Palliative Drug once in a while. When we're feeling down, we need a hug. When we're lonely, we hang out with people. When we're heartbroken, we go on rebounds (altho it's not the right thing to do) or we cry for relief from pain. When we're stressed out, we go for movies/sports/listen to music. And the weird thing about the human mind, is that it subconciously knows wat the soul needs (or rather it applies to me). Recently, it seems like my mind knows something's going on... and it has been giving me these feel good dreams (and I know what you're thinking, but NO, they're not wet dreams.. sorry to disappoint). And I wake up feeling good... but after a while, I fall back into that empty state again. So yeah... that's why I feel that Palliative is the perfect word for not only myself, but all of us. We just do things to temporary or partially relief ourselves from an emotion. Like after a break up, you do things to keep yourself occupied... you cry, you hang out with people, you curse, you swear, maybe drink and dance and party the night away... and for a moment, you feel better... but when you get home, you realize that a night out in town is not going to wash away the tears inside.

For me... I'm just bored. And I see my 16 yr old sister blogging... and I thought to myself, "eh.. tat's a good idea of filling up my time"...

... but like I said... it's only Palliative.