Wednesday, September 28, 2005


After reading Annur's (you can see her link - AnnurBubbles - from my page, if you're interested) blog , I was wondering to myself, "How do you people actually think of stuff to write on your posts???" Cuz I have this blog for already a month and there are like... only TWO posts (well, three now... if you include this one). And I hate to say this, but some of the posts that I have read, are actually... ya la ya la... it's good la (Ah Nur, you know I'm talking about yours). Some are funny... and some just makes you feel sad.

*P.S - InsanelySane (Gina Lau, my little sister), don't hate me cuz I don't read your blog... well... give me the credibility that I already listen to your 'wee nee wee nee whiny whiny' at home.

But seriously... when you're typing a post like this, doesn't it feel like you're ACTUALLY TALKING TO YOURSELF?!?! Well... Now, I have a theory about predicting how a person is going to be like when they're old, grey and wrinkled....

Have you ever waited at a bus-stop and suddenly the old man beside you just... ..., "NA BEI CHEE BYEEEEE!!! KA NI NAAAAA!!!" And you're like, "whoaaaaaaaaaa, fierce sia"... :-O

Or maybe you're eating at a kopitiam and you hear a very agitated conversation, but when you turn around... ... you only see an ah pek talking to his KOPI-OH?!?!?! :-/

Well... my theory is... if you find yourself like my dear friend John, who will NA BEI CHEE BY KA NI NA in every sentence, then you will probably end up being like... ... ... *pls see above for Old Man @ Bus-Stop*...

And those of you sad lonely people who keeps blogging (sorry Ah Nur & Gina Lau Zhen Na, that's you two again), well... ... ... when you're older, greyer and more wrinkled... ... ...

... ... ... whatever you do, DON'T ORDER KOPI-OH!!!!