Saturday, September 13, 2008


Did I mention I got promoted?

On 1st July 2008, I was promoted to HR Exec.

Basically, it's more work & responsibilities now.

And sometimes, I feel so tired. Brain tired.

I especially dislike this person at work. She likes saying this in a really sarcastic way, "if you don't want to do, then don't do lor".

In the first place, she was giving me HER work to do & it was assigned to her by the GM. And I merely told her that I'm not going to do that part becuz I am very busy, so I'm just going to do the photos part which my HR manager told me to do. And then she gave me this black face & stinking attitude and sighed, "if you don't want to do, then don't do lor".


Just becuz she cannot finish HER work, doesn't mean that she can dump it on me & then treat as if it's MY fault for not helping her. First of all, she's frustrated at work. That's fine. But don't vent it out on ME. And secondly, DON'T EVER..... EVER show me attitude. I will take it the 1st time... then the 2nd time... maybe the 3rd time... but if this stupid attitude continues, don't force me to attack you back the 4th time. There IS a limit to MY tolerance.

My motto is very simple. How you treat me is how I treat you. If you treat me like a fool, then don't expect me to do favors for you.

But on the other hand, when I try to be understanding towards her farked up attitude, I can sort of .... REALLY understand what & how she is feeling. This is becuz I have been feeling the same frustrations as work. The company is expanding too quickly. People are overworked & underpaid. It sometimes feels like you're being punished or exploited. And then during the times when you are MOST busy & facing TOO MANY frustrations & WAY TOO MUCH work pressures, the company adds more pointless unimportant jobs to your workload & still expects to you fulfil it.

Come on.

I have more impt things to do... ... like... ... ACTUAL operational work. I know the stupid lobby slides are considered as work too, but seriously... ... NOT AT THIS TIME. Not at a time when everyone is hiring & leaving & complaining & political fighting & figuring how to stablize things.

At the time like this, how can the company tell the staffs to go take happy pictures & take pictures of new staffs... then put into some kind of creative powerpoint slides, so that ppl can view them in the lobby tv.


Me & some colleagues feel that these lobby slides are really a waste of time. And at some point, when the company gives us pressure on these minor little details, we feel that it is superbly unreasonable.


I even have to bring work home!

I have to work on weekends!

And I am sick! And not eating well! I lost 4kg!

I really need a good long break from work. Just stay home, watch DVDs, go swimming, get a tan, go to the gym, eat more, sleep better.... .... ...

But for some reason, I'm still working in this company. Everyone told me to quit becuz they all see how stressed out I am & how I'm falling sick all the time.

Even when I'm having a high fever, I still go to work... ... in order to clear the urgent matters & then go see the doctor in the afternoon.

And even when I'm on MC & at home, I'm not even resting becuz I am so stressed out that I had forgotten to do something impt at work & I'm going to fark up something.

Then I have gastric for like 2 months, but I tolerated with the pain until my condition worsened. And when I went to see a specialist, apparently there was hemorrhage & something else.

I am so stressed out.

I need a good long break away from work. And then maybe I will FINALLY be able to nurse myself back to good health.