Sunday, September 21, 2008

New Eyebrows

Another victim of mummy.

Me, "gina... you look like LA PI XIAO XIN!!!"

Gina, "hahahahha... really meh?!??!"

Gina, "but I still look chio, right?"

Me, "..... sure".

It's called Creative Eyebrows.

I feel your pain, man. When I was her age, mummy took me to go TATTOO my eyebrows... and in those days, it was old-fashioned tattoo technique (oh shit... now my secret is out!!! did i just unintentionally revealed intentionally that my eyebrows were tattooed???)

And now, they call it Creative Eyebrows.... wow..... and you won't believe it. It actually already looks.... MORE natural than the old-fashioned tattoo.

Me, "and guess what?? i just permed my hair too!!.... just kidding... i just hot thong'ed it"

I look damn auntie lor.... ... i was about to take shower, then decided to play with my hot thongs which were buried in the cupboard for a long time.

Anyway... look out for updates.

Don't worry, Gina.... I'm sure they'll look better in a week or so.

... she's going to kill me for posting these up....