Monday, September 29, 2008

Rude Rude Man (Part II)

What?!?!?! There is a PART II????

no no no.... beside sleeping & eating on the bed.... and laying his greasy head on the comforter, he didn't do anything else. YET.

This is just my own rantings.

i don't know why i'm so affected by this.

i mean.... is it normal for a person to get super frustrated over wat this moron did? or am i just suffering from OCD (Obsessive Complusive Disorder)?? i know i wash my hands more often than a normal human being, and i insist that ppl borrow things & put them back in its original place, and i don't like to share food / drinks with ppl whom i feel are 'dirty' & 'unhygenic'.

now, i'm beginning to wonder if the problem lies with ME or HIM.

I'm in doubt becuz it seems like everyone else is treating me like the bad person...... it's like saying that I'm overreacting and being too harsh on the guy. Nobody dares to speak up. Nobody dares to tell him off. But my bf did say that he will come back from Yemen & have a talk with that moron.

And my parents did feel the anguish for me. Especially my mother becuz she totally hates ppl who takes full advantage of other ppl's stuff.

I mean, if YOU feel that I am overreacting or being too bitchy about this thing, then YOU imagine that YOUR bed is being abused. Imagine that this happened to YOU.

Anyway, I'm getting really tired.

Everyday, I'm at home and I'm DREADING the day I have to go over to my bf's house. I really DREAD stepping into the room. I'm wondering everyday, "what other rubbish am i going to find in my bf's room... on my bf's bed. what other rubbish is that farker going to leave behind while the owner of the house is not around".

i DREAD it.

Sick feeling in my stomach.

It is damn disturbing to know that another man has dropped his HAIRS on the bed that you share with your bf.

It is super disturbing to know that another man has slept & sweated in the bed that you share with your bf.

It is also disturbing to know that this asshole has closed the door while he is inside your bf's room.

When my bf comes back from Yemen, I am going to wash EVERYTHING.

I have to try to get rid of all the residue of that guy.

I have to try to make the room & bed privately ours again. Now, it feels like the room is not a master bedroom, but becomes a PUBLIC room. Anybody can come in & shit on it, then leave it in a mess.

This sucks.

i wish that asshole will go bald by the end of this year.