Friday, May 09, 2008

Irritating Habits
Multiple Mood Disorder

Some ppl hates ppl to cough w/o covering their mouths.

Some dislikes ppl to whistle at night (yeah... i dun understand this logic either).

Other dun like ppl to pick their nose / fart / scratch armpits in public.

My bf don't like it when I chew my fingernails (not toenails, mind you).

But you know what I hate?

I hate it when ppl invade my personal space / stuff.

I think it's becuz I have this 'caveman' syndrome. I like to keep my personal things. PERSONAL. MINE. AND NOBODY ELSE'S. ONLY FOR ME.

I draw this little circle where I put my family, friends, bf, favourite things inside. And I hate it when outsiders bully ppl in this circle or touch MY things that are in this circle. Simply becuz...






So the logic is very simple.

I am not selfish. I am not stingy.

I just need to KNOW that you want to touch MY stuff (that applies to MY bf also... slutty bitches better hands off MY guy). and if anyone wants to bully / take advantage of MY family & friends, then they better be ready to suffer the wrath of me.

Today, this colleague of mine has this habit which irritates me.

She seems to HELP herself to my personal stuff.

Last month, she used my fork as a screwdriver on a dirty cabinet, and i had to throw it away becuz i can NEVER put that thing in my mouth again, you kw what i mean??

Then today, she helped herself to my scented wet tissues to clean a dirty dusty desk. and she did it behind my back. it was only when i returned to my desk, i saw my cabinet wasn't closed properly and i was worried that someone went thru my personal stuff which was inside the drawer (like my bag/wallet/ID/atm cards/food stuff/etc etc).

so since she's sitting just beside me, i thought she would happen to see the culprit who messed around with my drawer.

i asked her, "did anyone open this drawer???"

... and she said, "oh ya me. i took your wet tissues to wipe the desk."

... and i was like WHAT THE *TOOT*?!??!?!

Is it me, or is it she super no manners???

i mean, it's not that i'm selfish or stingy or anything. but just becuz you KNOW my stuff is there, it still doesn't give you the RIGHT to go thru it and HELP YOURSELF to it. that's why there is the term - PERSONAL stuff. it's SUPPOSED to be personal!!!

i really wanted to faint.

but as straightforward as i am, i just told her it's personal stuff and she cannot just help herself to it. at least JUST say you want something.

then she jokingly said, "so stingy one..."

WHAT THE *DOUBLE TOOT*?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

the problem is, the wet tissues are bought with my OWN money. and you cannot keep asking me to give you wet tissues, becuz to me, i will think that there are OTHER things you can use to wipe the damn table... ... ... like GO TOILET AND GRAB SOME TOILET PAPER AND WET IT AND USE THAT TO WIPE THE BLOODY DESK. (ok, that was what i actually straightforwardly told her too, but her reply was 'LAZY MAH'). excuse me. just becuz you LAZY, it still doesn't give you the RIGHT to use MY things. just becuz you LAZY... ... what kind of excuse is that.

and if you keep asking me for wet tissues to wipe your mouth / hands after eating, i will think that you can also use OTHER methods to wash yourself... ... ... like GO TOILET AND USE SOAP AND WASH YOUR FREAKIN MOUTH.

i mean, if you keep asking wet tissues from me, then i will wonder WHY CAN'T YOU GO AND BUY SOME WET TISSUES FOR YOURSELF?

like i said, it's not that i'm selfish or stingy... ... but DON'T BLOODY TAKE ADVANTAGE OF PPL!!!!!! correct or not.

luckily i'm not that kind of ppl who bears grudge on others.

for me, i am angry that something like that had happened. but i'm not pissed at her directly. anyway after i straightforwardly told her that it's not right, she also understand that she has to respect me.

she's a funny bubbly person. but sometimes, she really has irritating habits.

but i'm not perfect either.

i chew my nails and i have a super quick temper, coupled with a bold daring personality & a wicked mouth. i know i offend ppl sometimes, becuz anything that goes into my head, will come out from my mouth without any filtering first.

like i said it's QUICK temper. not bad temper. i get emotional easily. happy, sad, angry, moody, excited... ... but the emotion comes & goes easily too. maybe that's why i don't bear any grudges on anyone. or maybe it's due to me being forgetful.

it's like... HAPPY HAPPY (few minutes later, feels PMS'y)... MOODY (then sees something interesting)... EXCITED EXCITED (but then turns around to see someone touching my personal stuff)... RED HOT PISSED FURIOUS (start venting out the anger by telling the person off)... COOLS DOWN (notices something funny)... LAUGH LAUGH LAUGH (turns around and tells the person whom i just told off to look at that something funny)... ... SERIOUS MOOD (goes back to work then starts thinking about how unfair life is)... ... MOODY (starts complaining)... ... then HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY (becuz getting off work in 10mins)... ... then when reach home, DANCE AROUND EXCITEDLY IN THE LIVING ROOM (just becuz it's the weekend)...

i might have some kind of mood disorder.