Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Accumulated Weird Dreams

Dream 1

I was at home and spotted a few cockroaches!!! I HATE COCKROACHES!! Just looking at them gives me goosebumps! I quickly grabbed a can of Bygone and aim it at one of the yucky creepy thing and SPRAYED!!!!


... but somehow, that cockroach had a very hard protective shell, so even Bygone couldn't work. In fact, it looked like one of those hissing cockroaches from Fear Factor... ... ewwwwwwwww!!!

Then suddenly, scene changed.

I saw Gina (dunno why her) had caught the cockroach with her BARE HANDS... and then she was brutally stabbing the cockroach in the body with a sharp twig...

*sudden enlightenment*...

i kw why i dreamt of her doing that now!

My sister used to stab live crabs in the gut to kill them off when she was in Primary School. The rest of the family were just too kind-hearted. It's like we all wanted to EAT FRESH CRABS, but nobody had the guts to kill them...

Then Gina snipped off one of its legs with a scissors (i dunno wat for... maybe to keep at a souvenior). But I told her that the cockroach will take a much longer time to die!!! So I told her, "just kill it quick so it's not suffering"... ... and in a spilt second, my sister pinched off its head with her bare fingers.

*disgusted shocked face now*

After this dream, I had never looked at my sister the same way again.

Dream 2

I was at some shopping centre. In my dream, it was at harbourfront, but it looked NOTHING like the real shopping centre at harbourfront.

I was there with my boyfriend and some of his friends. They said that they're going up to 2nd floor to look at some car accessories.

So, I walked around on my own, but feeling bored, I went to look for some gossip magazines. For some reason, I couldn't find a single decent magazine around! I was looking for 8 days or Cleo or First or something interestingly readable, but NONE. In every 7-11 and bookstores and provision shops, they ONLY sold car or IT magazines.

I was so disappointed.

Just as I was walking out from a 7-11, I saw an ex-bf just walked past me. I didn't feel surprised or scared or anything, but I suddenly wondered if he was stalking me. *shrugs*... oh well...

I gave up looking for magazines becuz OBVIOUSLY i couldn't find ANYTHING, so I decided to go look for my bf and his friends. I went up to the 2nd level to try and look for a shop that sells car accessories, but as I walked past this hair saloon.................... I SAW MY BF & HIS FRIENDS IN THAT HAIR SALOON, CHATTING HAPPILY WITH SOME SLUTTY-LOOKING GIRLS IN THERE!!!

Damn furious!!!

When I walked into the hair saloon, they all looked up at me and had that 'uh oh... kenna caught' look on their moronic faces which I so want to farking beat them up! Then I screamed at my bf, "SEE!!! I KNEW I SHOULDN'T HAVE TRUSTED YOU WITH THESE PEOPLE!!! ALL THEY KNOW HOW TO DO IS TO BRING YOU TO FLIRT AROUND WITH GIRLS!!! I JUST KNEW THAT YOU WILL BE EASILY INFLUENCED!!!! YOU JUST LIKE DOING THINGS BEHIND MY BACK!!!"

sooooooooooo sooooooooooooooooo disappointed in him...

All of the sudden, while I'm in that stage between dreaming and waking up (and of course, still feeling furious), I heard my popo (mummy's mummy) telling me that I haven't been visiting her in such a long time and that I should go see her.

And then I woke up... wondering why I only heard popo's voice talking to me & wondered if it is a sign that I should REALLY go and see her....

I was still feeling angry & hurt about my bf chatting up with other girls. Felt like calling him straightaway and scolding him for cheating behind my back (so what if it's a dream?!?!)... ... but then again, when I looked at the time, it was 9am S'pore time......... so it should be......... 4am in Yemen. Ok. Maybe not such a good idea to call and scream at him. I can just scold him for it when he returns to S'pore on 1 June.

So what if it's ONLY a dream?!?! The dream HAD to be a sign!!!

Dream 3

I suspect this dream was actually connected to the previous dream.

I dreamt that I was a professional ballroom dancer (dun ask me why such a boring dance... it's a DREAM) and I danced with this guy becuz since my bf dun care about my feelings, so I shouldn't care about his feelings anymore also (so childish, i know).

Then as we ballroom danced around the floor, this guy said that he liked me and I was secretly pleased. While dancing, i twirled and twirled and twirled in circles until i was feeling dizzy.

... then the alarm on my hp rang, and as i opened my eyes, it actually felt that i had twirled one too many times... ... ahahhahaa... i was feeling giddy and dizzy lying in bed........... but yet....... i have..... to..... pick.... up.... the hp.... to stop.... alarm......

......... but the whole room was spinning so badly that i couldn't grab hold of the hp properly and it got tossed further from me... ... so i had to get off the bed to reach it.... ... but..... so.... so dizzy...... i landed on my butt....


It's amazing how my mind works while it's asleep.

No wonder i always wake up tired.