Tuesday, May 06, 2008

3 Pleasant Surprises

Today is a good happy day.

Firstly, my bf FINALLY for the VERY FIRST TIME showed that he was worried about me.

=D !!!

He actually expressed it in an irritated and 'bu nan fan' (translation: impatient) tone.

=D !!!

And all these while, I thought he was bochap with anything that I do. And I had the impression that he dun care if I live or die.

=D !!!

I think it's quite fair leh. Becuz all these time, I was the one who acted like a spoiled brat while he keep doing playful unboyfriend'ish stuff.

And tonight, he finally got a SMALL LITTLE TASTE of what he had been inflicting on me.


=D !!!

And now, I know HE DOES CARE ABOUT ME!!! At least he cared enough to call my house to look for me. hahahaha...

Secondly, I met up with a friend who had disappeared for more than 1 yr. Finally, that ku ku agreed to meet up & never give excuses like "BUSY LEH". And glad that we had so much fun & jokes... just like before.

Shit. This means that we nvr grew up.

More amazingly, we had managed to TRY to keep in touch with a long lost friend. And so far, it is turning out ok. Well... we were young & rebellious. Then there were mistakes & misunderstandings. But since it has been THAT long. Maybe it's time we forgive & forget.

3 pleasant surprises.

But my job still sucks.

I just sms'ed my boss earlier. I told her that our dept definitely need a temp. One person really cannot do so many things. Company has grown twice its size within 1 year. 2 times bigger, but still a 1-man-show. Cannot like that, right? How to work efficiently? And becuz everything is becoming so unpleasant, more & more ppl are going on MC / AWOL / leave... plus have to handle so many complaints from staffs... and all these add up to too many paperwork. We're talking about 1 person handling over 100+ employees, you kw. And FULL SPECTRUM of HR.

At least if I leave the company, I can say that I have done the impossible.

But sometimes, really hard to hang on without support.

Nobody will thank you if you sell your soul to the company and ruin other aspects of your own life like health, family, friends, etc.

This is true, ok.

So workaholics, you better take care of other areas instead of just work. There are some ppl whom I have interviewed who actually told me about how their work has led to divorces + kids who don't talk to their own parents + getting cancer but still never take time to heal properly. It's just depressing to interview these ppl, but yet, it's also a wake up call for me.

I hope I dun turn out to be one of these unfortunate ppl. But it's hard not to work overtime in my company becuz somehow, we are being discriminated for going home on time. I have a no-life job.

If you want to have a life outside job, then you have to tahan the sarcastic remarks lor. And then ppl think you're so free, they give you MORE work.

Life is tough.

Therefore, it's the little things in life that I will appreciate more. And that makes my day happier. For today, it will be the 3 pleasant surprises.

I have to remind myself that life is still worth living for.

Even if I have to leave this world, I know I still have had good fun times.