Friday, August 04, 2006


Really going to need a lot of this.

Work is starting soon... reallllll soon. Like in 2 days' time.

If I had a choice, I want to go Australia to visit my friend in Novemeber!

But like I said, this job opportunity had to be good (or I wouldn't take it up in the first place). And so, all my plans have to be postponed till next year.

Now, all I have to do is wake up at 6 every morning... ... ...


Ok... I can do this.

There are 10 things I can do to psych myself up.

#1 - always look forward to the next event (eg: up and coming holidays, year-end bonus, pay increment in July, etc etc).

#2 - always plan to earn that money, save up and spend on something (eg: trip to Australia in 2007, HP, Wallet, Bag, Clothes, get Teeth Whitening, etc etc)

#3 - think about how important it is to get relevant experience before I can make it bigger in the near near future

#4 - ... ... ...

Ok... I might need help with #4 onwards.

Oh come on... give me a break. It's TOUGH, alright?! Cuz in no time, I have to go back to my No-Life.

*BIG sob*