Wednesday, August 02, 2006


(picture extracted from Rose of Blood & this is not the actual scene of execution... just a reenactment of one)

I was reading my friend's ( Annur ) blog and she was on the subject about death penalty (she is studying politics).

She believes that if a person continues to do wrong over and over and over again, then he should suffer the death penalty.

Of course, her argument is NOT wrong.

She is trying to save more innocent lives by executing the murderer who is taking lives REPEATEDLY.

However, on my stand point of view, I do not agree that we should return death for death. Somehow, I just don't believe in the saying, "an eye for an eye".

I follow more closely to the "Live and Let Live" thingy.

I may seem like a strong tough personality on the outside, but in actual fact, I'm just a soft-hearted pussy bitch.

You see that since the beginning of time... we have various methods of execution as follows:

(read more about it here )

Is execution wrong?

Well... there is no right answer. Everyone is entitled to their own views.

Let's do something fun now. You know... like a case study.

Take Ted Bundy for example.

Ah Ted kills and kills and kills.

If you put him in jail and release him 30 yrs later, he might still kill and kill and kill. He would never learn from his mistakes.

Annur believes that, in this case, Ted Bundy should be on death penalty. In order to prevent him from taking more innocent lives, he should be executed.

Annur says,
"A life is already taken by you, who deserves to live, just as you or anyone of us. But you took that. You screw something in your life, you pay for it. That's the rules. You live it, you did something, you bloody hell pay for the consequences."

And I totally agree.

You make a mistake, you answer for it.

But to take a live for taking away lives? Is it contradicting?

Well, who's to say, right?

I feel that in this case, Ted Bundy should be dealt in another way instead of execution.

Lock him in a small cell... with no windows... make him shit & pee in a small corner with no toilet & no sink... no toilet paper... no showers for him... no interaction with ppl... no books to read... no tv to watch... only bread and water for meals.

Try that for 1 month, he'll beg to be free.

Then you let him out into the sun for a little while... and just as he is feeling all happy and stuff, you throw him back into that cell for another 6 months.

After 6 months, you talk to him and make him AGREE to sign himself up as a test subject for new drugs and new medicines. In this way, at least he'll still be able to contribute his part to the society in a good way... and he'll be able to 'redeem' himself by indirectly saving ppl from illness and diseases.

Probably, Lao Ted must be wondering,

*ahem*... this is where the Power of Persuasion will come in handy.

You tell him,
"Well... there will be peaks as a test subject, of course. You will be rewarded for your KINDNESS. You will have a chance to REDEEM yourself from the sin of taking all those innocent lives.

You don't have to go back to that CREEPY, DIRTY, SMELLY, NO-LIFE cell.

You will be moved to a more comfortable cell... and have stuff like TV, books, porn magazines (heck, we'll even throw in the porn videos), etc etc.

And if the drug or medicine works? You WILL be FAMOUS. You will be quoted in medical books and references... in seminars and classrooms. Everybody will know you becuz if it wasn't for you, the drug might not be successful."

And if this doesn't work and he still refuses?

Not a problem.

Just throw him back into the cell with no window and terrible sanitary conditions... and isolate him there until he changes his mind and begs for mercy.

Is this more cruel than just executing him on the spot?

It is probably worse than death.

But think of it this way. Death is also a form of getting away with things. When you execute him, he dies. But pls do not forget about the lives he had taken... and the families of the deceased who are left behind. While Ted dies, the families still continue to suffer and mourn over their lost ones.

So you tell me now.

Do you support the Death Penalty or the Eternal Torture Test Subject?

... hmm...?