Saturday, August 05, 2006

Deep in Thought
- wondering if my life is infected by Weirdoism

I was just reading my lil sister's blog. And she reminded me on how crazy the whole family is... cuz we're just PLAIN WEIRD. I think it's hereditary!!!

This reminds me of my previous blog entry, which was done much much much earlier. I was still a blogging noob and at that point of time, I was wondering wat is wrong with my family. Read it here .

Tonight, here is an extract from Gina's blog about me & her talking about the funeral held at our void deck:

someone passed away.

I told my family that it's quite creepy that someone dies during the Hungry Ghost Festival.
Seconds later, Sis quipped, "Good what. Die liao can immediately come out to play. Not bad."

I swear I have the weirdest family ever.

I have to clarify that I wasn't trying to be funny when I said, "Good what. Die liao can immediately come out to play. Not bad."

I was honestly just trying to be optimistic about the death.

Whenever we get sick, we see the doctor. And mummy likes to KEEP these leftover medicine. AND she is FAMOUS for giving us random medicine to eat when we fall sick. Here is another extract of Gina's blog:

Mom always give me some weird pills to take. There was once she passed me a pill I haven't seen before and asked innocently, 'You got eat this yesterday? Nothing wrong right? Nothing wrong then can eat lah.. don't waste.'

O_O I stared at her and laughed. When she thought back of what she said, she laughed too. "Ok lah ok lah, then don't eat lor.." She replied sheepishly and puts it back into the fridge.

And pls note that mummy had put the medicine... ... BACK IN THE FRIDGE.

So we don't know who the next victim is.

Anywayz, it's not only my family. Even my FRIENDS are infected with weirdoism.

Here is an MSN conversation between me & an UN-NAMED friend (he will remain anonymous, due to the contents of the topic):

Male Friend: I'm in deep trouble.

Me: ... you're always in trouble...

Male Friend: hahahahha..

Me: ... so, wat trouble?

(male friend tells me about it)

Me: it's not your fault...

Male Friend: ... ... I dunno lah... I can't think. I'm just going to indulge in angry masturbation now. Talk to you later.

Me: ... ...

(-_-") Help.