Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Hermits & Activity Friends

I recall this conversation I had with a friend.

He is kinda like a hermit. Like me.

ok... maybe he's a little worse than me.

We were talking about how he can go see his gf 365 days a year. But there are some ppl who would rather only see their partners like... once a week.

So I asked him how he can see his gf every single day and not get sick of her.

And you know what his answer was?

"... becuz I have not much friends..."


Ok. That was him joking. Kind of.

But I know the real reason is that if you really love someone, you will not get tired of seeing the same person everyday. I mean, think of it this way... ... once you are married, you'll be seeing the same person practically EVERY SINGLE DAY. And if you can get sick of this person, then there is something very wrong.

So ppl say that a couple has to have their own time with their own friends. Yes, I don't deny this. But can't possibly you see your friends 6 days a week, then only see your gf once a week, right?!?!?! If this is the case, then... SOMETHING WRONG WITH THAT EQUATION, MAN!!!

Yes yes. Balance is the key word.

But then the problem is this...

What if your partner has 1001 friends, but you only have like... 3 friends?

How do you split your time?

Since we can't possibly request (or beg) our partners to give up their 1001 friends (even though you know you really wish for them to all disappear), the only solution is... for us to have more activity friends.

When our partners are not around, we need to have friends to hang out with. To play with. To have fun with. Basically, to have activities with.

But then again, where the hell does one find activity friends?

You have your best friend. But he probably already has his own life.

Your close friend. But he's always busy + he has HIS own friends.

Even those friends whom you went to school together before, but they have THEIR own lives.

Question: So, where do you find activity friends?

Answer: Friendster.

Every few days, I log on to my friendster and I receive a few messages from people whom I do not know.

People looking for people for companionship.

People searching for people to spend weekends with.

People asking people to chat on MSN.

But being the closet hermit that I am, I am just uninterested in these kind of activities.

I just want to spend time with people whom I feel close to. Not strangers... ... unless they're really good-looking.

However, I do need a chauffeur.

So if there is anyone out there who would gladly drive me around, that'll be really great.