Tuesday, May 29, 2007

a Funny Conversation
True Friends

I am determined not to blog about sad stuff in this blog.

And therefore, I have created a secret blog somewhere out there in cyber space which will dictate my deepest darkest feelings.

But I ain't telling you the address.

That's why it's SECRET, you know.

But once in a while, I'll still mentioned something here and there. Just cuz I'm such an exhibitionist.


Went out with a friend yesterday.

He was so funny.

He was promoting some incredibly fishy tonic drink.


Then this is how part of the conversation went:

Friend: It's good to drink that tonic water. After drinking it, there will be a lot of 'fell-gam' in the throat.

Me: ... ... ... ... 'Fell-gam'?

Friend: Yeah.

Me: ... ... ... ... you mean PHLEGM, is it??????

Friend: *says in very chopped-&-guaranteed tone*... NO. It's 'Fell-gam'.

Me: ... ... *thinks hard*... ... what 'fell-gam'?? It's phlegm lah.

Friend: *gives a sibey hao lian face*... No no. There are 2 kinds. One is *starts spelling* F-L-E-M. And another one is P-H-L... ... *hesitant pause as he saw me giving him a (-_-) look*

Me: That's PHLEGM lah! What 'fell-gam'?!?!?! It's spelt as P-H-L-E-G-M and pronounced as 'FLEM' lah! What 2 kinds. Totally the same thing, man!

*friend is embarrassed*

*me gloats at his embarrassment*


I know it may not seem funny to you. But at that point in time, it was the funniest thing to us.

Sometimes, I tell you. When you're feeling down, you always need to have silly friends to cheer you up and keep your spirits high.

And the funny thing about my friends... ... they are hardly around when you're cheerful.

But when you feel like the world is ending... and your chest is crushing your organs... and you feel like you're going blind from too much crying... and your brain is thumping painfully in your skull... and your will to live is diminishing, these true friends will always magically appear to walk beside me till the worst is over.

You think I'm being dramatic, right?

But only those who have been thru what I have gone thru, will understand this fully.