Friday, May 11, 2007

Some People

I really don't understand.

And I don't know why I cannot accept.

I don't understand why some people have to do shameless things.

And I don't understand why some people will go along with these shameless things.

Also, I don't get why some people can say that they do not love one person, but yet, can get so frustrated when others mention about that person.

How can some people be so stingy to those who care for them, but yet they can be so generous to people who have betrayed them?

Why can't some people admit that they still worry for a useless person instead of pretending that they no longer care for that person?

Why can't some people let go of the past and the people behind?

Why can't some people have a fresh start instead of carrying all the old baggages with them?

Why can't some people just disappear from the face of this earth?


Tell me why.

I really don't understand.

But then again,

Life is unfair.
Just kill yourself or get over it.