Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Something Sweet

I know.

It is so NOT me to actually appreciate something sweet.

Maybe it's the air in Jurong (where I work) that puts me in a soft, tender and vulnerable mood.

I HATE FEELING VULNERABLE!!! But yet, it's nice at the same time. NO I HAVE TO BE STRONG. Or not. WAT AM I TALKING ABOUT?! It's ok to indulge in sweetness once in a while. NO IT'S NOT! Just calm down. ARGH!!!

Or it could be that my period just ended, so I have officially bounced back into a lovable mood.

Or it could be that I have met up with my friend who came back from Brisbane and she gave me some really WONDERFUL TOYS.

And boy did my family enjoy the toys...

I shall let the pictures do the talking...

Alvin has a serious sinus problem that actually infected his right forehead which causes severe headache. Therefore, he found a really good use for the vibrating toy... (pls see picture below).

Gina has never seen anything like this before... and so, she is traumatized by its size... (pls also see picture below).

I don't even want to get started on what our daddy demostrated with the toy (although now Gina and I know where we get our bisexual tendencies from).

Mummy boasted that her toy is better than mine becuz hers is of a better material and it's skin-coloured and has balls. But I argued that PINK is the in-colour this season and who the hell cares if the toy has balls or not!!!

Well, my friend got me TWO of the same kind.

Who wants one?

... yes... i'm going giving out one... becuz i'm giving one to my brother for his severe headache... HAHA!

The other one is still unused... ... cuz no way in hell am I going to use it on myself.

It's unhumanly huge.