Monday, November 20, 2006

The Misconception

Everywhere I go, people seem to have this one big misconception about me.

... which is...

I am anorexic.


What do you mean I'm ANOREXIC???

It's not ME being anorexic, it's just YOU being obese!

Besides, I prefer the term... ...

Proportionately Skinny

or maybe, I also can settle for... ...

Model Thin

It's not like I have a huge head and stick-like body.

And when I'm undressed, you can't see my ribs.

Plus, anorexic girls will never in their lives, have a great ass (such as mine).

Ok ok, so I have a small chest. But wat I lack in that department, I make it up with my other delicious bits... hahahahahahahahahaaha!!!

... oh my god, i can't believe i just said that...

I always tell my sister that she should NEVER let people bring her down. I mean, why should she wear ugly baggy clothes, just to hide her slim taut body?

There was this one person who actually said to my sister,

"you look like you have been starving since you were born"

And immediately, I just had this impression that this person is FAT.

So I asked my sister, "who is it? i bet she's fat".

Well, she never told me who the person was, but she did say that this person weighs like 200 pounds.

Ooooooo... kay. Enough said.

When I was much younger, I used to let comments like these bring me down too. And then I'll get depressed for a little while, wondering why do I have to be skinny and no matter how much I eat, I hardly put on the pounds.

But there was one day, when I was kinda complaining that I need to put on weight, and this guy friend of mine actually shook me... ... and then, he said the most inspiring words to me,

"The world is a funny place.
Everyone is desperately trying to lose weight to look like you,
and you're trying to put on weight to look like them!"

Also, my brother once said to me,

"It works like maths.
Everything is about relativity.
If most people are fat, they'll call you skinny.
But if one day, most people are thin, they'll call you fat even when you are of normal weight.
And too bad for you, cuz the world is mostly made up of fat people."


Wise words of wisdom.

But I guess the bottom line is... that we should all be comfortable with who we are and what we look like.

People who criticise you for being fat / skinny / pimply / stubby / flabby / boney, are actually people who have really bad characters... .. and they reflect very badly on themselves. People who try and bring you down are people who are insecure themselves. Therefore, we should pity these people, instead of getting mad at them for trying to bring you down.

Sure, we indulge in the occasional fat / skinny jokes at times.

But telling people that they are replusively skinny in their faces and in that dead serious tone, is seriously NOT COOL at all.