Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Man VS Animals

(disclaimer: I am not referring to ALL of mankind, but of the 90% black sheeps who tainted the world with their cold unfeeling hearts.)

The 'Man' here does not refer to the gender, but is referring to human beings themselves.

It is a sad fact that humans are known to hurt each other just cuz they can. It's funny how an intelligent species like Man can actually behave in a way that cannot even be compared to an animal.

I'm not saying that I'm a saint.

I know I have my own temper. I'm only human.

But after I cool down, I always set things right again... becuz I will always remember the good times I've had with a person. And I tell myself that I know I love them still.

However, the same cannot be expressed to the rest of my species.

Sometimes, I am so puzzled why certain person can do certain things to hurt other people (for eg: give dented expired canned food to others, or fight over family inheritances, or spit in people's faces).

For example:

You can do 100 nice things for a person, but the minute you do 1 thing that the person doesn't like, the 100 nice things are immediately forgotten. And I'm not even saying that the 1 thing is the WRONG thing. It's just something that the person doesn't like.

So, this is what it means to feel unappreciated and forgotten.

This is what it feels when you feel like all your genuine kindness has gone to waste on that unappreciative person. And it only takes 5 seconds to feel the lost of hope & happiness.

Then it doesn't matter how much you dote on a person, but the minute you're in trouble, the person takes sides and shows that she is silently PLEASED that you are in deep shit.

And another person just adds oil to the fire.

All of them are just DYING to see you in deep shit.

Fark it.

I don't even need the support.

I don't understand why I can always give in so much, but the others just take advantage of my kindness. They just show their tempers whenever they pleased, whereas I have to just grit and bear and act like everything is cool.

Everything I do is just NOT ENOUGH.

After 27 years, I should have just accepted the fact that I should just GIVE UP. Just give up on treating these people nicely.

When they are feeling down, I comfort them.

When they need someone to talk to, I am there.

When people argue, I try to sort things out between them.

When I have extra cash, I bring them out for dinner just cuz I know they like the food.

But when you need them, where the hell are they?

They are only too excited to watch you DIE a cold terrible death. They have forgotten what you have done for them. This just proves how much they are cold-hearted and not worthy of living.

And I just stupidly love them everyday and take all the abuse.

Animals, on the other hand, give you so much more rewards.

You love them and take care of them.

They get attached to you and will love you back no matter what.

They don't habour evil thoughts. They don't make use of you. They just innocently love you till the day you die.

Animals actually APPRECIATE your love and kindness.

And when you're feeling down, it's always nice to have your pet lay down beside you.

Heck... ... even its presence is enough to keep you comforted throughout the night.

A friend of mine, who has pets of his own, once said to me...

"It is always nice to know that you have someone at home waiting patiently for you. And you know that you have someone who appreciates and loves you no matter what. You can never get this kind of innocent feelings with another human being."

How true it is.

Only my friends will understand what I am going through.

Only they will know why I needed my little Twinkle to comfort me.

Only my friends are there for me.

They accept and appreciate me, just like how I love them for their kindness and good-nature. It is funny how you get your support from outsiders, rather than from blood.

One true incident:

I was feeling depressed.

I was home all week.

Nobody noticed what was wrong.

One night, I couldn't take the voices in my head.

I picked up the phone and dialled a number.

I said, "Hello?"

My friend asked, "Wat is wrong? I know something is wrong by the tone of your voice. Where are you now? I come and look for you."

I cried and laughed at the same time, "How you know?!?! I only said Hello"...

Immediately, I felt better.

All I needed was just a little care and concern. To know that someone out there still remembers that I have feelings too.

This is when I knew, that this was someone who genuinely cared for me.

And I will always remember this day till the day I die.

I will give this person so much more than I will ever give anyone else.