Monday, November 06, 2006

Dear Rozita
(pls note that I have given you a really big blog title, just cuz you're so special to me)

Thank you for leaving a comment in my previous blog entry (pls click HERE to read it). You have definately brought a whole new meaning to my life. I've always liked to have readers from all walks from life.

Here is what you wrote in your comment:

"but sometimes, it's pot calling the kettle black. are you sure you've never done those things you mentioned to your friends? and are you sure they're the ones who did all that to you? everyone has their insensitive moments. like for example, maybe you forget people's birthdays and you expect them to remember yours. sure, they may remember for a few years, always wishing you without fail. but after that, when their kindness are not recipocrated, they just stop altogether. can you blame them? or have you been unforgiving towards others before? never?we should always reflect upon ourselves, no matter how difficult it is to face our own shortcomings. i don't claim i've never hurt my friends, or that they do 100 nice things for me and i never bear grudge for that one mistake. i do too. so, maybe you have, just that you don't want to admit?"

Sorry to disappoint, Rozita.

But it is true that I have never beared a grudge (please ask those people who actually KNOW me MUCH better than you).

And for you to judge me before even knowing me, only proves how childish you really are... ... ... or maybe you DO know me (as an acquaintance, of course... becuz I have absolute trust in MY own friends that they will never say this to me... BECUZ they actually UNDERSTAND me), but is just too afraid to leave your REAL name... ... but it's ok, cuz this tells me that you are secretly JEALOUS of me... ... or maybe it's a cry for attention. That's ok... becuz here I am to give you ALL THE ATTENTION THAT YOU NEED!

... where attention is given to all those who needs it really badly like a baby needing milk...

In case you haven't been reading my blog PROPERLY before you're oh-so-quick to judge, please read the BEGINNING of the entry where I have said (here, let me HIGHLIGHT the important parts for you, so that you don't absent-mindedly brush past the GOOD stuff and only read the BAD stuff again),

"I'm not saying that I'm a saint. I know I have my own temper. I'm only human. But after I cool down, I always set things right again... becuz I will always remember the good times I've had with a person. And I tell myself that I know I love them still."

So don't say that I have claimed that I never hurt my friends / family... becuz I already admitted that I'm not a saint. The only difference is that I reflect upon myself and if it's my mistake, I will make things right for everyone again. And then, to forgive and forget and never bringing up the argument again.

I'm sorry you probably had a bad day today, so you feel the need to take it out on someone you DON'T KNOW. Or then again, maybe you're just so jealous of me becuz I actually have buddies who stick by my side like (let's do that in alphabetical order)... ALVIN (my blood-related brother), ANNUR, GINA (my blood-related sista), JOHN and MINK.

And then, there are other people who are actually cool with me like... CAT, GRACE, GWEN and WENN.

But that's ok. Cuz I forgive you for your insensitive childish outbursts.

Let this big sista teach you a thing or two about outbursts (trust me when I say that I'm speaking from experience). Sometimes, you have to think twice before actually HAVING an outburst... ... cuz if it is insensitive and childish, then in the end, it's only going to turn around and bite you in the butt and you're only going to embarrass yourself just cuz you didn't have a credible mature outburst.

And I'm not even going to delete your comment becuz you are actually going to teach the world how to be a better person and how to have a proper outburst!

Wow... look at all the attention you're getting now!

Your comment goes to show exactly what a terrible character you have. So now, others will think twice before they say something that is childish & illogical and they will now read blog entries more carefully.

I wonder if you had been terrible at English Comprehension.

PLUS, you have just proven that what I had written on my blog is true. You only see the present and you don't care about what good the person has done in the past.

Besides (in case your comprehension skills are really damn bloody lousy), let me just EXPLAIN to you that the underlying meaning for this blog entry is for people (like little Rozita) to LEARN how to appreciate others better instead of being selfish and only thinking for yourself.

I feel so much pity for you. But at the same time, you intrigue me. Let's play a guessing game... just cuz you're so mysterious. Let us just picture what kind of life you have...


You have little or no friends at all. This either means that you're disgustingly anti-social or you are just too irritating to be with. I'm guessing you can't hold your tongue and you come across as a really rude person. I mean, come on... who actually leaves a comment like that in blogs when they don't even know the person well? Well, only a really RUDE person does that.

Nobody wants to talk to you, except when they need help. That's basically becuz you tend to come across as a bitchy rude person.

You probably try to make yourself feel very interesting or popular by taking up a hobby and then being very good at it, so that people can admire you and come talk to you and get advice. Well, Rozita... ... anything that works for you.

You like to be in control and everybody must listen to you or else you'll throw a hissy pissy fit. I'm guessing you also like to tell people that they are wrong, so that you feel more superior then them. Hmmm... if this is the case, then I'm guessing you have stopped schooling at a young age, so you tend to develop this kind of character. This probably shows that you are subconsciously insecure of yourself... ... which in turn, made you wanna take up a hobby and be good at it and show others that you're good at it.

You're a selfish spoilt brat and you have actually been told that you are a selfish spoilt brat by others before, but you refuse to change. Or maybe you have changed, but have developed other problematic behaviours. I'm thinking you're either the youngest in the family... or you're the only child.

Sometimes, you lie in bed and you wonder why nobody remembers your birthday. Well, just get over yourself already!!! People forget people... that's the nature of life, okay?! What matters is that the people you care about remember yours.


Now that was fun.

I've always wanted to be a psychologist or something. I guess I can be judgemental too. But then again, it's not called judgemental, if others judge you unfairly and piss you off... ... then I guess I'm entitled to do a little bitchin on my side. Besides, Rozita, you don't mean nothing to me, so don't expect an apology from me.

However, I should thank you.

I've been having a writer's block and couldn't think of anything to blog about. Then you came along and brightened my day.

By the way, if you have the guts to judge people you don't know, why don't you have the guts to leave your URL or email?

At least we could get to know each other better.

You can then learn if I'm really a 'pot calling the kettle black'... ... and I can find out if you're really an insecure rude little brat.