Sunday, November 19, 2006

A Bigger Twinkle Lambabo

Remember my previous post on Twinkle getting fatter? You can read it HERE . Now here is the evidence of him growing so much bigger!!

I have to remind myself that I got him on 31 Oct. And he was not even 2 months old.

Today, is 19 Nov, and I have just taken pictures of his cute bigger self.

Remember this pic?

This was taken when he was first brought into the house. He's so small and furry and cute!!!

Now, the picture below was taken today.


I'm telling you, he has built rabbit muscles on top of rabbit muscles!

We gave him such a large place to hop around in our house that he has became the bold, active and strong little bunny!!!

He's still very adorable. You should see how he looks up at you when he wants to play... and you should see how he asks for food when his food bowl is empty!!!


Here are more pictures of Mr Lambabo:

Twinkle loves chilling on the cold floor...

Twinkle getting comfy... and sleepy...

... zzzzzzzZZZZzzzzzz...

... in REM...

Sometimes, I look at Twinkle. And he reminds me of a little puppy dog. He is so adorable... ... I want to lick him!!! And his fur is so soft and fine and (after his bath) he smells SOOOO GOOD!

On another topic (actually it's still about Twinkle, just that it's another different chapter)...

Alvin (my brother) and I had this MSN conversation over the sex of Twinkle.

I was at work. And he was at home.


Me: I still don't know if Twinkle is male or female... although I think I see a pee pee just beneath the tail.

Alvin: Pee Pee = Male.

Me: But there's only the pee pee and no balls.

Alvin: Ok. Now that's disturbing. Maybe the hormones hasn't made the balls fall out yet.

Me: ... woot?!?!?!?!

Alvin: Or maybe you can flick it and see how high Twinkle jumps.

Me: hahahahaha... I have a better and painless idea. Why don't you lick it?

Alvin: I would. But if Twinkle is male, I'll just feel dumb.


My brother is a funny guy.

He can entertain the world with his incredibly witty perverted mind.

Well... that's all folks.

I'll keep you updated once I can finally determine Twinkle's sex.