Friday, November 10, 2006

Game Over
Back to Hibernation

Cast the mindless catfights aside.

The game is over.

I'm bored.

Anybody else want to make me another bet?

After all the insults and vulgarities spewed out from my small & kissable lips, I feel it's also time for me to go back into a nice & quiet hibernation.

Why must ppl always push me into being a Big Bad Wolf, when all I ever wanted was to be The Little Mermaid?


Life is as cruel as it gets.

I knew somebody dropped me on the head the second I was born.

... probably too jealous cuz i was such a pretty little babe...

My mummy told me that when I was a baby, I would sleep and wake up and just NOT cry for milk or attention. Instead, I would just wake up in the middle of the night and stare at the ceiling... as if I was deep in thoughts.

... thus, she got so paranoid that she couldn't sleep the whole night cuz she thought her precious little baby girl had quietly passed away in her sleep...

I guess by now, I would have figured that all those thinking was for being...


Throughout primary school, I was such a timid and nice little girl and always trying to please everyone.

But at age 12, I tasted first-hand betrayal. Still, being the innocent and gullible person, I continue to remain pure and polite.

Due to lack of guidance, I got into a bad-ass secondary school where gangsters tormented the teachers and the teachers vented their frustrations on the weaker students.

I especially hated this maths teacher who picked on me. Everyone could tell the difference in her harsh tone towards me and the other kids. And all those punishments were unneccessary.

That really did it for me.

Good thing, I got myself a bunch of kick-ass friends who stood by me when the going gets rough. One thing for sure, she will never dare to drive her car to school anymore. And no more problems for me ever since.

I tried to play nice, I failed.

Never will I make the same mistake again.

Sad to say...


Now, what brings me to blog about this today?

I was out for dinner with my friend yesterday and we saw a small boy getting bullied by a group of older kids.

Like the chinese always say, "There is always a mountain bigger than the previous one".

They may be bullies, but they are always no match for the old timers.

I'm sick of this world.

I'm bored and I'm tired.

I never knew being mean can be this tiring.

Time to find me a place to hibernate and meditate.