Monday, November 13, 2006

Short Sweet Message to THE RETARDED ONE

Dear Rozita,

You have started to bore us. And I have, therefore, put an authorization on my Haloscan due to overwhelming response by your obsession towards me & my fabulous blog.

Besides, your tricks are getting old and unoriginal. Previously, I have let you stay becuz at least you put up a relatively good fight. But now, you're just lame lame lame.

Typing in comments and signing off as Palliative Drug.

Spamming as Mr Mink.

To top it all, you even left a comment saying, "Happy scanning thru the spams and the real comments". And then you went ahead and create more spam.

My pathetic little retardo, haven't you realize how USER-FRIENDLY Haloscan is? It's just a click of a button to delete all those spams.


Get a life.