Wednesday, November 08, 2006


About two and a half months ago, I was chatting with my friend on MSN.

Mr Mink told me that I have a funny & interesting blog.

I told him I'm getting old and I'm getting boring and soon, nobody will read my blog.

He said, "everybody reads your blog".

I said, "ya.. they all secretly read it like you, but nobody leaves any comments".

He replied, "no comments = good... at least you're not getting hate mails".

I said, "my life is boring.. hate mails make life interesting".

He told me, "nobody will leave nasty comments in your blog... you are not Xiaxue".

Me, "WOOT?!?! But I'm cuter than her... i deserve to have hate mails"

He said, "not exactly cuter"

I said, "FINE... well, at least I'm taller and leaner..."

He replied, "that is not what I meant... was about to say that you're not exactly cuter, but more charming"

I said, "CHARMING?! Then I'll get lesbian mails... and that is so not cool (though girls are sexy and fun)"

He asked, "what's with you & hate mails?! is it the IN THING now???"

Somehow the conversation led to a bet.

The Bet
For someone to leave me a slightly nasty/rude comment.
And then rebutt me back 3 times.

The Rules
I cannot be purposely irritating in my blog.
And I have to blog as normal.

The Deadline
3 months starting from 21 August 2006.

The Reward
If I succeed, I get 5 free Gold Class movie experiences.
Plus a high-class dinner at Westin Stamford.
And party all night with no extra charge for drinks.

The Punishment
If I fail, I have to clean up Mr Mink's house (and believe me when I say it's a BIG place to clean... i will probably not walk straight for the next few WEEKS).

So I blogged.

And I blogged.

And I blogged some more.

I tried to be mean... and arrogant... and bitchy... and boy-crazy...

But nothing.

Nobody bothered to say anything remotely irritating to me.

Then I decided to blog about something sad and depressed.

And here comes Rozita.

For this, I thanked the heavens above for blessing me.

Now, let's count my wins.

The Achieved Bet

The 1st and slightly nasty/rude comment:

"but sometimes, it's pot calling the kettle black. are you sure you've never done those things you mentioned to your friends? and are you sure they're the ones who did all that to you? everyone has their insensitive moments. like for example, maybe you forget people's birthdays and you expect them to remember yours. sure, they may remember for a few years, always wishing you without fail. but after that, when their kindness are not recipocrated, they just stop altogether. can you blame them? or have you been unforgiving towards others before? never?we should always reflect upon ourselves, no matter how difficult it is to face our own shortcomings. i don't claim i've never hurt my friends, or that they do 100 nice things for me and i never bear grudge for that one mistake. i do too. so, maybe you have, just that you don't want to admit?"

Ok... I think this is like... reasonably nasty/rude enough.

So I wrote an angry blog back to DEAR ROZITA.

The 3-time rebutted comments by Rozita:

1st Rebuttal:
"you must do better in judging people because there are two things you've judged wrongly about me. first, i studied until polytechnic with a diploma in hospitality management. so i'm not sure if it's considered 'stopped schooling at a young age'. and, i'm not the youngest, neither am i the only child. i have an older brother and a younger sister. as for whether people remember my birthday, all i can say is, some do. but most do not. but that's not the issue here. maybe i deem that forgetting people's birthdays is a very insensitive thing to do. but the reason why i'm saying all those is i'm just speaking from my own experience. i chanced upon your blog and i must say i'm very suprised some people can actually lament that why certain people can do certain things to people. you may have started the entry saying you're not a saint and you do wrong things. but the rest of the entry is mere accusations. anyway, your blog is only one that i chanced upon, you don't have to react so strongly. i'm not trying to say what kind of person you are, i'm just speaking my own experience as well as some that my friends have gone through. and if you say i judge people i don't know, all i can say is, i don't. just that when you read about what people write in blogs, you will give your two cents worth or opinion. alot of people have comments like that. but i'm sorry you don't appreciate them and be so defensive. bye bye!"

(did she say that I just blogged a whole lot of MERE ACCUSATIONS??? I take that as a rebutt. Thank god for that cuz she was so mildly polite.)

2nd Rebuttal:

(wow... short & sweet... i like that. My 2nd short sweet victory. Now just ONE MORE and I win.)

3rd Rebuttal:
"i would piss on your FACE if i can, not just in your place. boy, you've got such a super big arsehole that a dog would feel ashamed to fuck you. and i can pretty much say what i want too. bratty little bitch eh? you put up a good fight yourself.want my email? sure. it's would be happy to hear from you, motherfucker."

(shit man... this whole paragraph was such a turn on that I just had to enlarge the font size and highlight the whole damn thing... ... damn, this hot mama got the FIRE in her! YEAH BABY YEAH! She just fired my way up to a victory!!!)

Suddenly the skies are clearer... and the air is fresher... and the clouds are fluffier...

But alas, the fun has to end (and just when it's starting to get interesting).

Like I said in my previous post about my win on the FREE Cathay Cineleisure tickets to Material Girls, the fun is only in the challenge and not the prize itself.

And yes, I am almighty.

*waves the wave of Beauty Queens*