Tuesday, June 13, 2006

AMAZING FACT : The World's OLDEST Condom

(I'll take M&Ms anytime... unless you're talking about THAT, then I'll take McDonald's)

At dinner, my brother suddenly mentioned about the condoms used back in the year 1640. And I was already amazed. I mean, wow... they actually know how to use precaution back then??

Anyway, he told me to go look at yesterday's Today's newspaper... which is Monday June 12.

On pg 15, under the column, it reads:

The oldest surviving condom in the world has gone on display in an Austrian museum.
The reusable... ...

Gni says: REUSABLE?!

... ... condom dates back to 1640 and is completely intact, as is its original users' manual, written in Latin, Ananova.com reported.

Gni says: ... so.... it's the Latins who thought of precaution and protection, huh...

The manual suggests that users immerse the condom in warm milk... ...

Gni says: milk?? Does it make the condom taste nicer... so THAT'S where we get ideas about mint & strawberry & orange flavoured condoms?! Interesting... ... or maybe it's some kind of kinky warm sensation thingy when you put it on... hmmm... something to think about... hahaa...

... ... prior to its use, to avoid catching diseases. The antique, found in Lund in Sweden, is made of pig intestine.

Gni says: ... made of WAT?! PIG WAT?!?! Holy cow... i mean, pig. Pigs ARE a useful bunch of animals. They deserve a spot in the Gusiness Book of Records, man.. together with, those... weird... weird Latins.

Anyway, it's good we learn something new everyday.

And I'm really curious... how the hell that... that.... pig intestine condom still manage to survive since the year 1640??? Is it like... dried up? Rotten? Decayed? And phew... just imagine the SMELL.

Also,back in 1640, do the people... eat the condoms after using it?


And to think I thought sailors were weird cuz they use squids for masturbation.