Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Can Life get any more BORING?!

Maybe I need a change in environment or lifestyle or something...

There must be something that I can do. To my life.

I look at my gal pal, Annur. She's in Australia studying. Such a different environment... and lifestyle. She goes out for late night walks with her friends... have supper. And everyone is just so CLUSTERED together that it's actually convenient to just hang out and stuff. Sure she misses her family and friends, but the experience she gets is definately rewarding.

Then there's John & his wife, Wenn. Who has like... 3... no, wait... 4... no.... 5!! cats! So life is DEFINATELY not boring for them! I wish I had a dog... to keep me company and to love and play with. That'll be cute.

I guess whenever I'm bored, I start doing stuff like... colouring my hair in a different colour every month.... pierce some part of my body... try and modify some part of my body... go clubbing (but that'll have to wait till August cuz of my eye op).

Anyhow, doing all of the above are starting to get boring too.

I guess... I shall do some planning.

Get a list of things to do in the new year... 2007.

Turning 27 this October.

Feels like a rush for time.

So many things to do... so little time.