Wednesday, November 16, 2005


Went to the gym with John today. It was super low-morale day.

Firstly, I haven't been to the gym in 1.5 weeks.
Secondly, those weights seem heavier than they used to.
Thirdly, I was feeling ugly that day... (could be becuz of my newly-cut hair).

Anywayz, we went to the gym and there are always a few of the regulars there. John and me already have nicknames for them... and sometimes, we will just gossip about them like little girls...

The Hulk

A very very TALL, HUGE, BIG-SIZED, MUSCULAR old guy... probably in his 40s. He has a clean-shaven head... with moustache that looks like Genie (not Fiona Xie who starred in My Genie... but the orginal Aladdin Genie). I actually manage to find a picture that LOOKS just like him!!!! ahahhahahaha... I did a little Photoshop editing... and oh my god... the resemblance is so similar!!!

The Nerd

Dun see him nerdy nerdy, ok?!?! He works out seriously! And no, that's not the actual Nerd. I just found a really nerdy picture of a guy and I put it up here... so that you will get to see exactly how nerdy that guy looks... EXACTLY THE SAME FEELING THAT YOU GET WHEN YOU SEE THE ACTUAL PERSON!!! (Jeanie, you're very bad... and you're going to Hell)

The Dynamic Duo

These 2 malay guys are ALWAYS at the gym! And they look like wrestlers... or bodybuilders... they run, they pump iron, they lift weights... and practically everything. And yes, they look gay while working out! Hahahahhahaa...

The Woman with Open Legs

It's not that she opens her legs... but somehow, there is a big gap in between her legs... from the you-know-where to the knees to the ankles. It's like in between her legs... there is an 'O'-shape. So... yeah... it's kind of distracting to see her do the Stair-Climbing machine. And it's a bone problem... called... Bow Legs. It's when you stand and put your feet together, but the knees can't touch each other. Some are worse than others... and the surprising fact is that most of us actually have Bow Legs too (actually statistics say 90% of the human population)... ... like me myself... it's very slight, but I still have it. Ok... so there you have it... some human biology knowledge at, so everybody learns something new and fascinating everyday.

Freaky Phat (Fat) Man

This is a very very scary guy. He's fat... he's pale... he's soft. And he has small beady eyes with fleshy nose and lips (really looks like pig, sia). But he thinks that he's sooooooooooo sexy. From my 1st visit to the gym, he has been stalking me (with his eyes)... (-_-") ...
Hey hey... I'm not being thick-skinned, ok?!?! Even John realizes that he's always walking around me in circles... YES... CIRCLES! HOW FREAKY IS THAT?!?!?!?! When I'm working out at a machine, he'll walk on my left... and slowly... circles around me... to my right.... and then the circles to my left again... and then looks at me... then stops beside me and looks like he's trying to get my attention... and then when John stands closer to me, Freaky Phat Man walks away... (O_O) !!! OMG.... FWEAK!!!

Ok ok... I shall update you on more freaks at the gym in the near future...

Like I said... not that I'm PERFECT... I know those ppl at the gym have a nickname for me too... but... I just dun feel like dissing myself in this blog episode... maybe the next one... ahhahahahhaha... :p