Thursday, October 20, 2005


Read this... and you better feel GUILTY about it if you're one of them. And I wrote this in a FEMALE point of view (which may seem that I'm just targeting men), but I agree that some women behave like this too... and I feel embarrassed for my Women counterparts...

Number 1 & 2 TURN-OFFs
Recently, I went out with my male friend & his gf. We went to the movies and after he paid for the tickets, he asked his gf to pay her own ticket. When we went to have dinner, he made his gf order food (and I dun think he even gave her any $ to buy the food either). When he pushes a door open, he doesn't hold it open for his gf. And then we went to a nice cozy place for coffee, and the bill was $52.70 and guess wat??? He said to his gf, "you owe me $26 for this". Then when it's time to go back, he just walked to the MRT station and then turned around and said, "bye bye" and walked off in the opposite direction.

... wahhh... so 'GENTLEMAN' horrrr! At least, give a NICER goodbye lah! Not as if your gf is DYING to let you send her home... she can go home by herself, but AT LEAST be NICER, can or not?!?!

Number 1 turn-off is... UN-GENTLEMANLY idiots!

I mean... wat the fark?! Lucky he's not my bf. If you want to be so damn bloody calculative, then don't have a gf! You cannot AFFORD to have a gf, you farker! You better look after yourself first, before you even try to look after another person. If you have a baby, are you going to ask your child you PAY you back for all the pampers and milk and clothes and education that you have spent?!?!

It's not that I'm very supportive of materialistic stuff... but think of it this way, if a girl agrees to be your gf, then she will also see if you're a responsible man who will look after her wat.... correct or not? If you're so calculative, then your gf will be wondering whether you are going to be a responsible family man who will be able to WHOLE-HEARTEDLY look after his own family??? What if after she gives birth, she can't go back to work?? Then how the hell do you expect her to PAY you back??

Come on la... just think about it this way, you have a wife who buys groceries, then comes back and tells you, "eh.. the groceries cost $80. You owe me $40 for this becuz you're going to eat half of it."

... or... "eh... the baby needs pampers and milk, I go and buy first... later then we split the cost half-half."

... or... "Everyday, I cook and clean for you... I want to take some salary from you. Not much la... $500 every month will do."

Oh god... you people... don't you think that when you have this kind of conversations, it will somehow feel very... cold? Very distance? It's like not a CLOSE & LOVING & GIVING relationship at all!!! My goodness.... hai... so yeah... my Number 2 turn-off is... CALCULATIVE MEN!!!

Number 3 TURN-OFF
Those goddamn grumpy and naggy men.... .... WORSE THAN GIRL, SIA!!!! Stop nagging and picking on small little things la, pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee... PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!! You really know how to spoil people's day. From sunshine, will become thunderstorm. The birds flying in the sky, also will drop dead on the ground. Just dun grumble... and dun nag... just pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.... oh god...

Number 4 TURN-OFF
Men who say in an insulting & sarcastic way, "You mean you dunno how to do this ah??"

Then when you reply, "Ya... I dunno."... and then, they will reply, "If we hire you, it means that we expect you to KNOW all these programs."

SIAO AH... if I know how to do EVERYTHING, then I won't be working in your company already. In fact, I can be your boss.

And you stupid moron... you hire me as ADMIN, ok?! Not GRAPHIC DESIGNER, or WEBSITE DESIGNER or ADVERTISING CONSULTANT or NETWORK TECHNICIAN. The things you asking for is really too much lor... use your brain, ok?!?!

And by the way, if you hire me becuz you think that I'm so SMART and can do EVERYTHING, then why you pay me so damn LITTLE?

Number 5 TURN-OFF
Men with bright, colourful hair... looks so Ah Beng.

Number 6 TURN-OFF
Dun show off la, please.... so wat if you're rich... you don't OWN me. Take care of me, but please don't BUY me. I don't need diamonds... and I don't need a car. And bloody hell, don't think I'm that stupid, ok? You buy me diamonds to show PEOPLE that you can afford it... and you want to buy me a car becuz you want me to DRIVE YOU & YOUR FRIENDS around. You didn't buy it becuz you love me.... you stupid Show-Off.

Number 7 TURN-OFF
Men who say, "Don't worry... I will look after you. I won't let you go hungry... and you don't have to go and work. I will give you money every month and buy you anything you want. Just listen to what I say and do what I tell you to do, then everything will be ok."
... bahhhhhhhhhh.... fark off, you MCP.

Number 8 TURN-OFF
Men who hit women.... ROAR!!!!!!

Number 9 TURN-OFF
Men who lie and lie and lie and lie and lie and lie and lie and lie... *sigh*..

Number 10 TURN-OFF
Men who cheats on their gfs / wives. You think it's very fun, right?? How would you like it if you found out that your gf / wife has been sucking another guy's dick & coming home to kiss you on the lips? Do you think you will like that to happen to you?!?!

... and now I'm just going to add Number 11 just for the heck of it... ... and that is, SECRETIVE PEOPLE!!! I dunno why... I just think that secrets make people drift apart somehow. If I share a secret with you, it means that I trust you. And if you feel that you have to hide a lot of things from me, does it mean that you think that I'm going to use the information to harm you? If you think that I'm that evil, then don't be my friend.

Me and a few close friends, we share EVERYTHING - our clothes, our money, our bank account numbers, our private jokes, our lives, our most favourite things...

So... ok. I'm pissed off at somebody today... and he's listed in my TOP 10 or 11.