Thursday, May 03, 2007

Dawn Yang

I did some investigative work today.

I've been hearing too much about this Dawn Yang person, but took a damn bloody long time to go about researching on her... or him... or it.

Just kidding. Dawn Yang is a she.

I hope.

Anyway, rumor has it that she was this ordinary-looking girl who went thru massive plastic surgery to look like how she looks like today.

I went to google her and came across these pictures of her from the past and she was like... *ergh*.

Sorry, I am not going to post her incriminating fugly pictures on my blog becuz it would mean that I am mean. And I'm actually nice. Really. I am.


Then I went to her blog with current pictures of her and she was like... *whoa*.

Yup. She's damn hot.

But still, there is this family photo of her in her blog. And no matter how I see it (left, right, up, down), I don't see any resemblance between her & the rest. Her family looks so typical chinese... and she looks like a freakin Pan-Asian chio bu.

So unfair lah. Unless... ... her mom had an affair with an ang moh & her dad was too dumb to notice.

But still, heck the plastic surgery rumors.

If any girl can look that good with plastic surgery, then I say, "HOORAHHHH (which means 'alright! go for it!')".

Who doesn't want big doll-like eyes or cute pouty lips. Who doesn't wish for firm round creamy mounds of boobs. Who would reject a nose that will give dimensions to a pancake face.

WHO?!?!? YOU TELL ME!!! WHO?!?!?!

If I had the choice, I would go sign up for the Extreme Makeover.

But alas, I am neither rich nor American.

As for Dawn Yang, well... ... she never did ADMIT to having surgery done to her face & body. So, let's just say that MAYBE she did have some work done.

But look at where she is now, man.

She's famous. She's gorgeous. She's sexy. And most importantly, she's making money. In fact, sooner or later, she's going to earn all that surgery fees back with the amount of projects she is taking up.

Therefore, cosmetic surgery is good.

All the unfortunate imperfect people should try to make themselves look & feel better about themselves.

But like a wise man once said, "With great powers, come great responsibilities".

Becuz once an ugly duckling starts looking deliciously hot, that duckling will abuse its powers for personal gains. And that duckling will lose itself in the limelight & bask in all the attention. Soon, it will only see itself and causing hurt to others. Never staying faithful... becuz why stay with one person, when you can have many others? Why be concerned with others, when you only love yourself?

Wise man.

I heard he got stabbed by a robber.