Monday, May 07, 2007

A Little Less Grouchy

I woke up grouchy this morning.

My back is aching like crazy. Why must I be born with a S-spine.

Stupid mummy should enlarge my exit tunnel before I actually exited from her kiup-kiup 27 years ago (if you don't know what kiup-kiup is, dun expect me to explain it to you).

Due to the exit tunnel being too tight & my little baby bones being too soft, my spine was CRUSHED and BENT OUT OF SHAPE on my way out.

ok ok... i'm exaggerating...

So my spine is curved. But it's not too obvious, if I don't bring any attention to it (like now). But then again, an observent person will be able to notice that one side of my body is not equal to the other side. BUT then again, which person will have equal both sides. BUT not as unequal as mine! But... ... ... ok forget it. I'm grumpy. I shall not argue with myself.


I got up at 6.20am for work. Showered & brushed my teeth. And my damn shoulder hurts so bad. I walked to the mrt station to wait for the company bus transport.

Sat in my usual seat and tried to dozed off as usual (the damn journey takes 1 hour, ok).

A phone call came while I was on my journey to the west.

It's bloody 7.21am!!! Who the hell would call?! And to think I was about to doze off.



A guy then said that he was Li Ching or Lecher or something like that. Then he started breathing heavily. And I was like &^%$#@ ... and I hung up on him.

Then ND sms'ed me at 7.39am and the message read,

"Watch Best of Get Real at 2032hrs on Channel News Asia. It's about bunny farm."


=D !!!

I love bunnies.

See my Twinkle Lambabo here.

However, at 7.39am in the morning, I was still grouchy & suffering from the morning-blur syndrome. Then at 8am when I arrived at work (and feeling more awake), I looked at the sms again & a few questions went thru my mind. Such as:

... exactly what channel is Channel News Asia on?

... and was ND the one who prank-call me earlier on with the heavy breathing?!?!

... btw, why is the program at 2032 hours???

Therefore, I had decided to ask daddy on the first question once I get home from work.

And I sms'ed ND to ask him about the prank-call he made earlier on. But he denied.

Then I went about doing my morning pick-me-ups necessities before I get started on my first day at work.

hey... monday blues, ok.

Regarding the 3rd question, I pondered for awhile, but decided to email ND this:

"it was so nice receiving your sms early this morning! but why is the bunny farm program at 2032 hours????????"

Within minutes, he emailed back:

"2030 - bunny humping, having a good time
2031 - shower and dress up
2032 - LIVE ON AIR"


And THAT was what made my day a little less grouchy.