Friday, May 04, 2007

Selective Helpfulness

Some lady from the office upstairs has locked herself out. In her moment of folly, she didn't take her office keys with her when she stepped out to attend to some contractors.

Blame who?

Blame her.

And sorry if I'm not sympathetic to her plight, but I was rather busy this morning. More importantly, I don't like helping strangers. Especially those whom I know will never appreciate my kindness.

Ok, so I admit that she did piss me off once before. And I'm not only reluctant, but also irritated by her carelessness.

I have NEVER EVER locked myself out of any place before (but this doesn't include the time when mummy locked me out of the house cuz I came home way past the curfew).


This woman. She practically bugged me for the spare key in my cabinet for a whole hour. I gave her the one to her office and she came back and told me that it's not the one. Then she insisted on trying out EVERY single key in the cabinet (which is like... 50 of them).

The worse thing is that after she's done with them, she doesn't even have the BLOODY INITIATIVE TO PUT THOSE KEYS BACK INTO THE CABINET!!!! This woman just dumped those keys back to me and... ... ... WHAT?!?! YOU EXPECT ME TO REARRANGE THOSE KEYS BACK FOR YOU AH, YOU PIECE OF SHIT!??!?!?!?!?!?!

YOU SIAO, IS IT?!?!?!??!?!?!!



Therefore, due to my I-have-had-it-with-idiots-taking-advantage-of-my-kindness-ENOUGH-IS-ENOUGH attitude, I told her straight in her stupid ugly face to go put the keys back into the cabinet herself.

As she RELUCTANT walked towards the cabinet, I reminded her to arrange the keys according to the number labelled on them.

*sticks out tongue at her behind her back*

*feels childish*

*sinks into a mini self-depreciating moment*

oh well...

*flashes the tallest finger at her*


... angry...

Victory is mine.