Thursday, April 26, 2007

Out from Hibernation




*hears echo*

*old newspaper rustling along the ground*


Anywayz... in case anyone out there was at least REMOTELY worried due to my absence, I just want to tell you that...


Quick updates on what's been happening in my life:

My boss has retired and in his place, Satan took over officially in January.

I am no longer working alternate Saturdays! It's 5-day work week for me now! (ok ok... maybe Satan isn't that bad after all)

However, we work longer hours on Weds & Thurs. And if you do a proper calculation, we are actually working more hours on a 5-day work week, instead of alternate Saturdays. (I take back everything nice I said about Satan)

I lost 1kg due to super hectic work schedules and other environmental stress during the last 4 months. (trust me, losing weight for me is not a good thing)

I haven't been keeping in touch with my friends & I think about it everyday, but never took the initiative to contact them.

Wondered what's so great about the hand-held PSP that my parents bought for both my brother & sister.

Realized that I have been putting on the Issey Miyaki perfume I got 2 months back. (and I don't have the habit of smelling like chemicals)

Have played The Sims 2 with its latest expansion pack - Seasons.

Tried to complete the latest Command & Conquer (Tiberian War) PC game, but I can't play under stressful circumstances. (it's fun, but it gets too emotionally exciting cum stressful for me)

Have daydreamed about making my 1st million by not sloggin my life away for Satan. (... and Toto + 4D is my answer)

Never bought any Toto nor 4D. (... therefore, not being able to fulfil my dreams)

Promised myself to be a more emotionally secure person.

Just ate a super salty cup noodle from Nissin for my lunch at work today.

At present, blogging during lunch time.

Thinking of taking a nap before my boss comes back from lunch.


That's about it.

Nothing much. So you see why I have nothing to blog about.

And i AM going to take that nap.