Friday, March 16, 2007

Cleaning Up Your Act (Part II)

I can't believe Mr Mink actually blogged in his blog about my blog post.

You can read it here.

Knowing him for a rather long time, I do feel that he is QUITE a decent man. However, I always have my doubts cuz there are always girls frolicking in his comfort zone... hahahahaha..

Nevertheless, what he said makes sense.

"Of course the temptation is always there, especially when a woman throw herself at me. But I always believe that if a woman throws herself at a man, she must have thrown herself at many other men before. And just like Palliative Drug, I am terrified of diseases. I have worked too long and too hard to risk myself to an embarrasing illness."

Such wise words.

"I cannot live with the fact that people will look at me in disgust. My female friends will no longer respect me for my character. My business associates will not trust me with their work because they will feel that I have no self-control nor determination. Basically, my whole image will be tarnished and badly stained."

Damn, Mink.

I didn't know you were actually matured.


We used to be so childish and playful in the past. Always joking and laughing and talking nonsense (actually we still do all these). But I guess personal experiences and time and age has made us grow up. And it's towards a better person.

Us women need more good men like you around.