Monday, March 12, 2007

Talk is Cheap,
The Little Weak Sperm

I promise to be a better person.

I will not touch drugs anymore.

Avoid the alcohol.

Keep away from all the unwanted attention.

No more flirting, and that applies to the harmless ones too.

No more contact with my ex-bfs / lovers / flings / gay partners / etc etc.

Promise to tell the truth and will never hide the truth.

Will never do anything to hurt the people I love.

Stay faithful.

I will do my best to promote World Peace and everlasting love.

I will not destroy a good thing once I have it.

Work harder and concentrate on my career and retire by 40.

AHHHHHHHH... Fark it.

It's easier to TALK about doing the right thing.

DOING the right thing is much harder.

In fact, talking about doing the right things is already making me so tired.

So many temptations.

So weak in resistance.

Can you put trust in someone who only gives empty promises?

Trust is such a fragile little thing.

You have to work so hard to earn it.

But a single & simple mistake will break it.

Someone once told me,

"Trust is to be given"

I say,

"Trust is to be earned"

People who say that trust is to be given, will only take the trust for granted.

My concept is simple:-

Things that are obtained easier like money, will be treated lightly. Like they say, "Money easy come, easy go".

Things that are achieved slowly by working hard for it, will be treasure even more. Like boiling a nice bowl of hot soup... ... the more time you take to boil it, the better it will taste. And becuz you worked so hard for it, you will treasure it more.

Sometimes, a little voice inside my head is telling me to do the right thing for myself. But you know the heart is a stupid little thing... ... it will not allow you to do the proper thing until it is no longer pumping.

Hmmm... speaking of hearts no longer pumping, I really wonder... what happens to a person after death?

Could there really be another world for the dead?

Will we really be punished if we take our own lives?

Or do we just... die and <the end>?

My daddy always say that children are brought into the world to torture their parents. This is becuz the parents have to spend a lot of money on the children to nurture them into adults.

But I always disagree on this. I always tell him... that the parents only got themselves to blame for not being able to practice safe sex by using protection. In fact, the parents have the duty to take care of their children no matter what... ... becuz WHO ASK THEM TO BRING US INTO THIS WORLD?!?!

I sure did NOT ask to be brought into this world.

Living on earth is suffering.

You work so hard and you get hurt by the ones you love. There is betrayal and sickness. There is lost hope and depression.

Life isn't even a bed of roses, who the hell will ask to be born?!?!

The doctors & scientists say that the ONE sperm who manages to beat the competition and squeeze into the egg is the strongest and the fittest.


It's more like SABO (ie: sabotage)!!!

I bet that one sperm is the weakest.

And all the other millions of sperms just gang up and kick the stupid little weakling into the egg. Then when the little weak sperm is in jail aka egg house, the rest of them will pop the champagne and celebrate until they die 72 hours later.

Trust me.

The clever ones will choose to DIE in the vagina rather than squeeze into the egg and be born into this world.

Therefore, those of you who are actually reading this post... ... ... do take a quiet solitary moment... ... knowing the cruel fact that you were chosen to suffer with the rest of us on this earth.

If anyone can tell me that they are honestly / truely / whole-heartedly happy with being here on this planet, please contact me and do let me know your divine secret.

Did you choose to live in complete oblivious to the pain & suffering around you? Or did you choose to accept the hurt that ppl can caused you?

We can always have the Never-Say-Die attitude. We can tell ourselves that anything that doesn't kill us, will only make us stronger.

But if you give it some serious thought... ... does it really make you stronger? Or does it just give you the experience to live through more pain in the future?

I pray to the Someone Up There (not that I'm religious or anything) to give me the strength to accept the things that I cannot change.